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Beta keys here!

KaputzyKaputzy Member UncommonPosts: 91

Thought I'd make this more visible for anyone wanting to try the game. Not my cup of tea but maybe you'll enjoy it?!


  • MauroDiogoMauroDiogo Member UncommonPosts: 52

    Thanks a lot OP!

    Was a bit sceptic due to it being an unknown french website but it worked just fine. Used Facebook login just in case to protect most of my personal information. :) 


    551 keys left! 

  • KaputzyKaputzy Member UncommonPosts: 91
    Np, but watch the hype meter plummet!
  • BalgamovBalgamov Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Anyone know another giveaway link ? 
  • snoockysnoocky Member UncommonPosts: 724
    Whos got a key left?

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  • mav1234mav1234 Member UncommonPosts: 82
    If anyone wishes to share a key, if I grab it and like the game, I will purchase it and share a key to this forum once I can. :)  I just want to try before I buy!
  • VaultFairyVaultFairy Member UncommonPosts: 566
    I have 2 keys if anyone is interested!
  • itsoveritsover Member UncommonPosts: 353
    Originally posted by VaultFairy
    I have 2 keys if anyone is interested!

    may i have 1 if you still have it, thank you !

  • Mors-SubitaMors-Subita Member UncommonPosts: 517
    Originally posted by VaultFairy
    I have 2 keys if anyone is interested!

    The CBT is done with and Open beta is starting shortly. Founders start on the 9th, and everyone else on teh 16th. There is a 24 hour stress test today(the 7th) in which everyone can participate.


    The CBT keys aren't useful any more.


  • itsoveritsover Member UncommonPosts: 353
    Still want the key though :)

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