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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 28,157
    Originally posted by Jatar
    Originally posted by Sovrath

    With this world, and the way it is generated, there are places in the world that no one will have ever seen (not even us).  It means that a player can go exploring and not only constantly find things they have never seen,

    So maybe I missed this but besides dirt, trees and rocks and natural terrain what is there to "see and do"?

    For instance, a huge draw of the elder scrolls games is that one can explore but also find "places" to explore with many of these places having their own stories, inhabitants, etc. Dungeons, caves, mines, ruins, etc.


    Will this be generated as well? because there is only so many rocks and trees I can stand seeing before I want to come to some sort of "high point" while exploring.


    The world will have many places to explore, with castles, dungeons, caves, mines, fortresses, towers, etc.  As for stories involving these locations, that is what we are all about.  This is the primary game play of CoS, not exploring the world (that's just for those that want to go outside all of the developed story areas).  Not that the Wild won't have many things to discover.  The game features a rich back story that continues on in an evolving world.  

    As for generating that content, yes, 10,000s of locations will be generated through special systems we have been developing to build such places.  Our system for building unique towers will have around 10,000 pieces in the set.  Each is fairly small, but with that many pieces it can generate countless variations.  Our Enact Tool Set lets the pieces have our A.I. Net built in, so that not only will it generate the location, but have the decorations and AI. Net to handle the lives of the NPCs that live and work there.  It also generates unique NPCs for these locations.  We had to design systems like this in order to build a world this big.

    But... having said that, we feel that auto generation can only take you so far.  So though we auto generate the world and locations and people in it, we send in our Level Designers, writers, and Artists to go in and add the human touch, territory by territory. 


    Thank you for your response and excellent answer.

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