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Is this game Pay To Win PvP?

BribarianIIBribarianII Member CommonPosts: 12

I'm actually enjoying playing the game a lot so far.  I find hovering through space in my own ships quite relaxing for some reason.  The storylines are decent enough, the ground combat is kind of lame, but tolerable.  I enjoy being in the Star Trek Universe, it's not perfect, but better than any other ST game I've seen really....

However, I'm skeptical about putting time into a game if there's no endgame.  For me, endgame is pvp and having things to do.

So is there an endgame with this?  PvP-wise is it pay 2 win?

Thanks in advance for your replies and info....


  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    the Space part is P2W, if you dont have a really good ship  with upgrades, you prolly wont get far

    OTOH, they arent really that expensive

    ground PVP has some P2W too, (upgrades,kits) , but its more important to respec to ground combat

  • Victor_KrugerVictor_Kruger Member UncommonPosts: 280
    Pvp has not been supported since the game has been around and only a handful of players do it in the game now. I wouldn't worry about grinding top end gear since, since you can do the all the content causally and the gear is not really needed other then for dps epeen. STO has always been a great game for solo play, but the "end game" that most people think of with that term is lacking , always has. 
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