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Stay away from them..

AenraAenra Member UncommonPosts: 45

Imagine a team represented by one man alone. Imagine said one man talking and talking and talking, showing you nothing. Imagine him talking some more, and then some, until the layout and foundations he is trying to relate to you are SO out of proportions, so stretched out and exaggerated, you cannot but begin to wonder and enquire.

Now imagine your questions being NOT avoided, NOT ignored, but actually answered in such a way so that your comments are twisted, your clear, easily discernible remarks are warped out in order to fit this one man's propaganda towards his remaining loyalists! In your face mind you, this all does not occur in some PM. This took place in a public forum!

Imagine lastly, when in outcry you wish to protest, your having (still) the kindness to pinpoint once again the issues you have already layed down, but in a logical, systematic, orthodox kind of way so as to at the very least imply that no, you are not crazy, you know what you are talking about. That no, that was not what you said, neither was the goal of your previous posts the one portrayed by said one man. That rather than receiving some answers or even being ignored (his right to do so and no offense would have been taken obviously) you are actually used as a tool for this one person's agenda. Which is why, as i stated above, you actually bothered to post again. Set the record straight if you will. Again let me remind you, in a non-swearing, non-inflamatory way.

At which point.. you find your posts deleted !!!

How convenient, no?

Take my word for it. Stay. Away. Megalomaniacal aspirations from a team of no past coupled with a pretty totalitarian kind of attitude, encapsulated in a tiny sphere of fanboys believing eeeeeeverything served at them. Some of which will no doubt rush to present themselves here as well and "reply" to me.

I will give one simple example, so that you are able to see for yourselves just what kind of a delusion Citadel of Sorcery is selling. Literally selling. Donations are still going.

This one man, project lead, said that CoS's graphics are actually better than Guild Wars 2's graphics! That is how this particular game is "sold". Google. See for yourselves. Incredible isn't it..?..And he -did- say that. You can google that as well. Scripta manent. If pressed, i got about twenty to thirty more examples to give. But this is getting long enough already.

Be smarter than me. I had the patience, or naivety, your call, to actually last out THIS long. So as stated, be smarter than me. Stay. Away.

Best of wishes and thank you for reading :)

Pride, honour and purity


  • AenraAenra Member UncommonPosts: 45

    The site's editor is a touch lacking, edited and edited and i still see the original post up..my apologies for all the syntactical/grammatical errors.

    If i could add one last thing and prevent any unecessary derailing and flaming..i am not here to claim they are a scam, or that this is a vapour product. This is just for (some of) you to get a rather ..different.. view on the team and the game. That is all. Please refrain from adding the usual 'adjectives' to this conversation yeah? ^^

    For what it's worth, i find it worthwhile to note that apparently, i am THAT mistaken, THAT wrong in my accusations, that said one man found it fitting to edit his own posts and remove all "incriminating" comments he'd made in the past. Says something doesn't it..

    Above all transparency. Citadel of Sorcery :)

    Pride, honour and purity

  • moonboundmoonbound Member UncommonPosts: 396

    Proof or it didnt happen, do not try to exploit people without proof for all we know you could just have some personal issue with the dev and lying.


    Also checked er facebook people do not want there hands held you want to sell give us something different.

  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    iginally posted by moonbound

    Proof or it didnt happen, do not try to exploit people without proof for all we know you could just have some personal issue with the dev and lying.


    Also checked er facebook people do not want there hands held you want to sell give us something different.


    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member RarePosts: 4,364
    the guy in charge comes across a snake oil salesman.  The game looks horrible and hasn't even hit alpha after all these years.  Who's funding this thing?  I feel bad for them.
  • mythranda1mythranda1 Member Posts: 16

    Aenra, I messaged you on the boards. I'd be happy to address your concerns there.

    You violated our code of conduct and issued some personal attacks in your post, so your post was archived.



  • AenraAenra Member UncommonPosts: 45

    @Raevyn with all due respect, you are being at the least unfair, and i fear you are doing so on purpose.

    My post was not "attacking" anyone or the game in general, my post was not even inflamatory or comprised of a single swearing word. You are being purposefully over-generalising, you are being purposefully obtuse. Because unlike me, you do have an agenda.

    I merely, only, and in quite a non-biased manner (i even defended CoS against the OP of that specific thread remember that by the way?), outlined some issues as many, emphasis on many, see them. And with good reason, as there is logic behind certain .."worries"..

    Because the fact is that many concepts this team has outlined cannot even stand in THEORY. Let alone practice.

    Because the fact is that from the other, remaining concepts, this team promises too much with no past to support it and no facts to back it up.

    Rather than using the above so as to make conclusions (which if i had would have been unfair), i merely stopped. Stopped. At pinpointing them. And finished by explaining why, as things are, doubt exists. I even moved on to propose ways on how this could all be alleviated. You seem to have neglected mentioning that..i wonder why..

    Instead, my post was deleted, and judging from both yours and Phil's appearance here, damage control has been fully initiated. This alone only serves to prove just whom it is that was behaving in a proper manner, and whom it is that has something to hide..or cover..

    Pride, honour and purity

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