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Broken Sector Space!! Sigh

Picard Facepalm , The devs keep making the same mistakes.  They continue to push out content before it is ready for release.  Although, I can't be entirely sure that it is the devs setting the release dates on this content or if Perfect World is pulling the strings here.

I know I may be coming off as complaining right now and I guess I kind of am complaining but I think we deserve a little better from our game.  The track record of this company isn't the greatest and I love the Star Trek IP but we need some change.  Not posturing change like we saw last time where a few people were fired but actually mitigating errors and bugs in game.  In the video I have linked, I talk further about some of the issues I have experienced since this new season and new sector map has been put in place.  I wonder what other issues people have been experiencing besides what I have brought here.



  • SetEssentialSetEssential Member UncommonPosts: 28

    At least you can get into the game to play it. The Cryptic Launcher crashes on me immediately after the Engage button is pressed. I can get into Neverwinter fine. I have tried several player suggested work arounds but none have fixed the problem. This crash started after the pre patch for Season 10. Everything worked pretty good for me as far as minimal disconnects,crashes and lag before that patch.

    Unfortunately I am now thinking that it was a waste of time making a Delta Recruit that will probably never finish the Breen arc and get the rewards promised. I really like STO but since Delta Rising it seems the fun has been sucked out of the game for me. I am really disappointed with Cryptic and are having second thoughts about playing or investing in their games in the future.

  • RAITH1313RAITH1313 Member CommonPosts: 1
    I for one wish they would at least fix sector space. I was very surprised when I logged in at the launch of the Delta event and saw that the Alpha and Beta quadrants were reversed. I thought hay they really messed up on that one and must have had someone working on it that never watched any of the series or read any books. Including the Star Trek Atlas. Earth and Vulcan are Alpha. DS 9 and Bajor are Beta. I thought they would fix it in the next patch but here we are today and it is still wrong in game. I know there are a lot of issues with the game but I do like it. I just would have thought that this was a major error that could have easily been fixed. If not I still hope they can fix it soon. Just a little irritating to see.    
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