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Let's discuss arena PVP?

LazercatqLazercatq Member UncommonPosts: 3

I'm not actually an avid poster, I primarily lurk these forums for information. However, I'd like a community opinion.

I like PVP, especially arenas. I've been rather successful in World of Warcraft arenas (Multi-class 2000-2200), but I haven't been able to push aside the nagging feeling that I'll never enjoy Arena PVP like I did in Wrath (Yeah, yeah, you've heard it before). 6.2 has validated this notion. I've been following Wildstar since its release, and recently had the opportunity to purchase it with the E3 Humblebundle for cheap ($60 price tag + sub was more than I'm willing to spend), and I'm astounded at just how well made the game is. Although I haven't had the opportunity to personally play Wildstar's end game, the arenas look promising.

Here's why:

  • Casting while moving
  • Give and take ability system, even if it has its limitations, it's a good way for Carbine to enforce balance without having to invest the time and money to redesign an entire class when their abilities synergize too well or not well at all.
  • Avoidable abilities (Ground colors instead of targeting for direct damage)
  • All classes can sprint/roll

I'm sure there are other pros and cons, but my knowledge is limited since I've only made it half-way through the leveling process. From purely speculation, there are a ton of factors that make this game interesting and even better than 99% of its competitors. However, I can only say this from a mid-level standpoint. I've heard that battleground/arena queues are intensely long due to the population, so this is the only negative feedback I've heard.

Finally, do you believe that Wildstar's switch to F2P will rip PVP communities away from their current PVP game? I know people have their respective attachments to the game they've played most, but humor me.


TLDR: Arena's pretty cool, but I think Holinka and WoW's PVP balance team just GGed themselves. How's Wildstar's arena system?


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