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Is EVE back up?

duncan_922duncan_922 Member Posts: 1,670

Is it back up?  I can't connect yet, but I'm using a program to get around the corporate proxy and I notice that it's got a new IP, so I'm not ceratin if it's my problem or if it's really not up yet.  Can someone confirm please?

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  • DrSmaShDrSmaSh Member UncommonPosts: 454

    It shoud be up tomorrow at 8.00AM eve time (GMT). They said server... emm... servers will be down for 24h.

    I'm bored as hell myself ::::02:: I got my free time and... All I can think about is EVE. And I started my trial 3 days ago.

    I'm all out fighter atm... But now that I don't have EVE I'm thinking how could it be to get some mining skill and nice big ass ship and mybe start making some big ISK and to start my path to take over EVE univers ::::09::


    We want EVE!

    Every time I read your post, I die a little inside...
  • Nu11u5Nu11u5 Member Posts: 597

    The servers are scheduled to come back up at 8AM GMT. I wouldn't expect it to happen much sooner. Also, Mr. Murphy likes to rear his ugly head often, so it might be a little later than that. Just check the EVE main page for updates around the time.

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  • duncan_922duncan_922 Member Posts: 1,670
    Thank you for the info...  Withdrawl syntomps do not allow me to calculate well the difference between 8GMT and 8EST.  hehehe

    SOE knows what you like... You don't!
    And don't forget... I am forcing you to read this!

  • zantsukenzantsuken Member Posts: 15

    I am suffering the same symptoms! ::::02::
    They should come back up at midnight tonight Pacific Standard Time (knock on wood for luck).

  • freebirdpatfreebirdpat Member Posts: 568

    I am playing Natural Selection and Battlefield 2, till I can get my EVE fix.

  • MinscMinsc Member UncommonPosts: 1,353

    8 pm gmt should work out to about 3 a.m. EST.

    Also the servers will tend to be up and down throughout the upgrade as they test the new system out so you may see it up but you will not be able to log in.

    I'm sure they are sacrificing various animals to all the gods they can think up to make sure the install goes through ok, barring that they will just have to sell a couple of CCP staffers soul to the devil to pick up the slack. Something will still likely delay them being done though but it will all be worth it in the end.

  • localhostlocalhost Member Posts: 7

    Your getting a new IP because the moved datacenters and likly did'nt own the IP that were using. So they have a new IP from the new datacenter most likley.

  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Originally posted by freebirdpat
    I am playing Natural Selection

    FTW ! :D

  • Shadow-28Shadow-28 Member Posts: 1

    Sat at work wondering if Tranquility is back up unable to get the EVE-Online homepage.

  • duncan_922duncan_922 Member Posts: 1,670
    W00T!  I'm in!  Only 4K people so I guess they came up recently.   I can tell that's there's a slightly noticable difference in performance, but that might also be from the lack of players.  We'll see as more come in.

    SOE knows what you like... You don't!
    And don't forget... I am forcing you to read this!

  • HardinHardin Member Posts: 70
    The forums came up for about 10 mins an hour ago and yes the game is working but you need a small patch. About 1 people posted about how smooth it was playing and congratulating CCP

    Amarr Victor

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