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Avatar Test

looseefurlooseefur Member Posts: 8
Just testing Avatar.image


  • EarthpawEarthpaw Member Posts: 62

    oooo nice avatar


  • noname12345noname12345 Member Posts: 2,267

    My avatar could beat up your avatar.

    "When Saddam flew that plane into those buildings, I knew it was time to kick some Iranian ass!"
    -cheer leading, flag waving American

  • looseefurlooseefur Member Posts: 8
    Thanks!  Can't even remember where I found this one.  Some free Avatar site on the internet, but have had it for several months now.  I like it too!
  • MaclynMaclyn Member Posts: 59


    oh wait a minute I switched the light off...


  • PepsiCamPepsiCam Member Posts: 4
    that's great....^o^


  • VulshockVulshock Member Posts: 7

    hello all

  • Mr.UnknownMr.Unknown Member Posts: 74
    I test too ^__^


  • JacklongJacklong Member Posts: 19

    ill do what that other guy did and test too.

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