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FGT has begun 2 days ago

Among the people invited for this focus group test, most of them were students  of the Advanced Game Education (?????) course at the Seogang University in Seoul.




  • kenpokillerkenpokiller Member UncommonPosts: 321
    Finally some news again!

    Lineage Eternal/NCsoft official.
    Lineage Eternal is the latest MMORPG in the Lineage series. This game incorporates a "drag action" input system where skills are activated by mouse gestures made on the screen. The game seeks to provide the chance to have a heroic experience for the player, such as being able to lead allied troops into a massive siege battle. The main component of gameplay consists of a fast-paced hack-and-slash combat and the strategic use of terrain based objects

    MassivelyOP - Lineage Eternal begins testing

    After a couple years of development, it’s easy to feel that we’re no closer to Lineage Eternal actually launching. But that’s not true; NCsoft is hard at work, it seems, and the game has just entered focus group testing. It’s not precisely a full beta, but darn it, it’s something. Work with us.

    Focus group testing will last until June 26th, with students pulled from Seoul’s Sogang University in the Game Education Center. Said group reportedly contains some foreign students as well to help provide inside before the game’s eventual global release. If you’re not there, though, all you can do is watch and wait, but at least it’s enough to make it clear the game is moving forward.

    The game was originally announced in 2011 and resurfaced with a playable demo at last year’s G-Star.


    Lineage Eternal focus test (published by cinderboy)

    According to NCsoft, a small group of testers has been enrolled into the Focus Group Test (FGT) for Lineage Eternal. It starts today till 26 June, held at Pangyo Ncsoft R&D Center. The group consists of students from Sogang University’s Game Education Center, and to prepare for the game’s global launch, there are foreign students as well. Development is currently on schedule, NCsoft mentioned.

    Some gameplay videos from G-STAR Convention.



    The demos covers the early stages of several game regions as well as a 20-person quest leading players to defeat various raid monsters. 


    Lets hope the South Korean students get some more footage out!

    Seeing how NCsoft just released "Metro Conflict" (FPS in beta, and truely its very beta :P) I hope they will amend all their resources towards this again n.n

    Has a real diablo-esque feel to it and I love it!!


    Sway all day, butterfly flaps all the way!

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