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Wildstar is excellent, only 20 hours in - already hooked



  • VolgoreVolgore Member EpicPosts: 3,872

    I like alot about the game, but i've never had a game giving me so much trouble finding a class that clicks with me.

    I can't really connect to all the tech- and nanostuff going on on my action bar and the abilities seem to be about the same/similar with many classes. After creating a character of every class, i checked all their abilities and no class had really something exciting going on or stuff worth looking for in the leveling process.

    Guess i'm rather an old fashioned fantasy guy who prefers fireballs and frostspikes.

  • JonBonJawaJonBonJawa Member UncommonPosts: 489
    something that always confuses me is why are characters talking with short voiceovers, and there is something different in the textbox bubble? also the bubbles fade away so quickly I can barely read them
  • golembanegolembane Member UncommonPosts: 102
    I got Wildstar with the Humble Bundle as well, and am finding the combat puts me off compared to GW2s combat. I find myself always watching the telegraphs on the ground more than the graphics. At least in GW2 and TERA you can watch the MOBs and learn the tells you need to react to and not just a telegraphed casting bar on the ground. I want to like Wildstar, but as of right now, it isn't really clicking with me.
  • NitthNitth Member UncommonPosts: 3,904

    Originally posted by DocBrody
    Originally posted by wyldmagik Originally posted by DocBrody MO Originally posted by DMKano I always thought that this game would be supper fun for some folks. I don't happen to be one of those but it's always nice to see when people find a game they enjoy. Grats!
    thanks, I have to say it fits very nicely as new part of my standard themepark MMO rotation of SWTOR and TSW
    Here you use themepark and standard. Then in the initial post you said "open world" :D It is not open world which is sort of admited by you saying themepark and standard these days :D I will have to go with the others here in saying its great for a while then this one gets old fast.

    Open World just means that, open world. Since when is theme park not open world?

    It´s not a 2-D sidescroller you know.. X-)) Games where I can go wherever I want are open world.

    Going to nit-pick for a second and say that you can still have 2d open worlds.

    If your specifically implying something like Mario bros is not open world, Then you are correct.

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  • psiicpsiic Member RarePosts: 1,612
    Yea I really do not get it the game is kinda cool but it gets so old so fast after a month most players are like whats the point and move on.
  • SaluteSalute Member UncommonPosts: 794
    Originally posted by Tokken

    I just purchased it as well. I'm liking it so far but the combat is a bit of a put-off for me. The questing and world is fine but after playing ESO the character animations are difficult to get used to. LOL. Hopefully, I can get to 20 hours played.


    I play ESO too but the animations are of the things i m not missing at all. I would say ESO animations are of the worst i have experienced in mmo's. There are other aspects of the game i consider as ESO strong points, but definitely not the animations.

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  • SomeOldBlokeSomeOldBloke Member UncommonPosts: 2,167
    Wildstar seems to be a love it or hate it, I think it depends what you are looking for. I tried the free trial earlier in the year and after an hour of play I had hated every minute of it so gave up. If they can't hook me early I'm not going to trawl through hours of drudgery just to get to the 'promise' of good stuff.
  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926
    Originally posted by SomeOldBloke
    Wildstar seems to be a love it or hate it, I think it depends what you are looking for. I tried the free trial earlier in the year and after an hour of play I had hated every minute of it so gave up. If they can't hook me early I'm not going to trawl through hours of drudgery just to get to the 'promise' of good stuff.

    I know, the first hour was a bit underwhelming, the tutorial area seems too long, intended for total MMO starters which makes you think the whole game is that way, which it´s not. They should streamline it a bit and send you down to Nexus in 5 minutes to kick off the fun there.

    Now at around 40 hours and still loving it, many quests are very imaginative and fun (the whole Zombie type zone for the Grim Reaper quest chain is just epic, wearing a Hazmat suit in a really cool toxic area with lots of hidden stuff)

    also the Explorer profession (path) is super fun, this is how exploration mechanics in a game are done right, it´s like a constant SWTOR datacron hunt and many people love this stuff so I recommend selecting it. As explorer you get many jump puzzles too and the combat beats GW2 easily, it plays like GW2 but has a lot more impact and feels really satisfying. Also like the whole telegraphing mechanic known from TSW, makes complex boss fights fun where you´re always on the move dashing and dodging.


    here a good article on IGN about the paths to select in Wildstar on character creation

    The Explorer

    The Explorer path focuses on map exploration and platforming. The Explorer path gains unique access to secret locations, and is tasked with challenges such as reaching the tops of mountains, climbing jumping puzzles, and completing scavenger hunts that will take you far and wide across the surface of Nexus.

    The Scientist

    The Scientist path concentrates on completionism, understanding the game world, and finding things that are a secret to everybody. The Scientist gains access to a customizable scan bot, and spends their time discovering the secrets of Nexus. Scientists gain access to hidden lore, blocked off Eldan ruins, and special events like reactivating ancient AI to provide buffs and offer advice.

    The Settler

    The Settler prefers social engagement with other players, and utilizing multi-player features. The Settler in WildStar can literally build buildings, creating buff stations, quest givers, and vendors with rare loot. The Settlers are everyone's best friend, and can dramatically improve the quality of life for players around them.

    The Soldier

    The Soldier path is meant for players who love to kill enemies in games. The Soldier's get access to unique weapons, huge fights, and unique boss battles that will test their reflexes, cunning, and mechanical skill.
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