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No Changes Based on NA/EU Market

EponyxDamorEponyxDamor Member RarePosts: 732

It has been confirmed by the CM, Spunky, that no changes will be made for the NA/EU markets. The only reason for NA/EU testing phases is localization. Things will be identical to the way they are in RU OBT, and the feedback we've given through the CBT so far hold no weight on the current version of the game in Russia.

"No, we will not be making changes based solely on the EU/NA market ..."


This was discovered after a "CBT Feedback Response" recently posted was entirely copy and pasted from the RU OBT website.

Obsidian will only be responsible for helping develop additional classes and raids, outside of localization of course. They cannot make structural changes to the game, and are, essentially, only acting as a local publisher for the game.


  • Mors-SubitaMors-Subita Member UncommonPosts: 517

    Good job cherry-picking part of what he said...


    For anyone who is interested, here is the rest of the quote:


    "In terms of gameplay changes based on feedback. No, we will not be making changes based solely on the EU/NA market however, the developers will be making changes to ALL territories based on feedback from ALL territories. The community's feedback from the CBT is discussed in-depth with the team on a daily basis, so in this case, once we had a clear plan of action we posted this response for the community. We did this to show that the developers are indeed listening to the Western community and will continue to do so as Skyforge's worldwide community grows overtime."


    So rather than having forked dev paths, they are taking all of the feedback from all of the territories, consolidating it, and using that to determine what changes they are going to make...

    I don't know whether people will consider this a good thing or a bad thing, but I do know that forked dev paths are a PITA and I don't have a problem with this...



    Edit: here is another quote from the same thread in response to all the "doooooom" posts following that: "That is not what we are saying though. All feedback matters to us, which is why we touched specifically on feedback reported by the West during CBT1. Going forward we will continue to listen to NA/EU feedback and make adjustments after factoring that feedback in along with internal telemetry generated by players playing the game."


  • EponyxDamorEponyxDamor Member RarePosts: 732
    Originally posted by Mors-Subita

    Good job cherry-picking part of what he said...

    Not cherry picking. 

    None of the feedback offered in CBT for NA/EU mattered -- All the decisions and changes were made prior to NA/EU CBT even starting. Since the game is already ahead of NA/EU in RU, and RU client has been updated with changes to the out-dated systems we gave feedback on, feedback on the NA/EU CBT doesn't matter.

    Even though they claim to have "listened" to the feedback we provided, why have us provide feedback, knowing 100% that it cannot effect the future of the game for NA/EU players, when those changes had already been made in RU OBT? Why tell us not to compare the two games, when, in the end, they plan for them to be identical?

    They 100% copy and pasted their response to RU OBT feedback and posted it on NA/EU CBT feedback. They didn't respond to NA/EU feedback; they responded to RU feedback, and let us see what was said about RU feedback, instead of directly responding to NA/EU feedback.

    The rest of CBT for NA/EU is solely about localization and stability of servers, not testing purposes or listening to feedback since we're playing an out-dated version of the game. It also means that, as he stated, they will never make changes to the game based solely on NA/EU feedback.

    Furthermore, if they truly intended to include NA/EU feedback on the decisions made to changes leading into OBT, why not start everyone's beta at the same point? The only feedback that has mattered up to this point is RU CBT feedback -- None of the NA/EU feedback was even considered before they launched ahead into RU OBT. Which, by the way, is the same exact client NA/EU will be getting once we reach the end of CBT.

    If the company had come out of the gate explaining this fact, I'm sure people would be less upset. Instead, they've created a "facade" that NA/EU feedback actually matters, when, in reality, we've been providing feedback on a three-month-old product that has already been changed, regardless of the feedback we've given. We were given the impression, initially, that the game could be changed from what was happening in RU, however, that was never the case. They've been misrepresenting information since the very beginning of NA/EU CBT.

    EDIT: Here is a very misleading quote, lending to the idea that NA/EU would be different from RU.

    "Guys, don't look too much into cap amounts for RU vs NA. I've already confirmed that the system is being evaluated for NA/EU and that the current version does have a few bugs being investigated which are affecting players more than expected."


    This was posted after it was discovered that currency caps in RU OBT were lower than they were in RU CBT and/or NA/EU OBT.

    Spunky also, very explicitly stated, that the cash shop would, in no way, shape, or form allow you to bypass weekly currency caps, and that is not the case in RU OBT. However, that post has mysteriously vanished, and I am only able to find posts referencing it. The date it was mentioned was March 15th, however.

  • silvermembersilvermember Member UncommonPosts: 526

    OP let's assume you are right and then what? You have the choice of simply not playing the game. 

    In any case, it was unrealistic to expect the game to be redesigned to cater primarily to western audience even the biggest companies in the world do not do it, unless it is for the biggest MMORPG market in the world, china.

  • CulubuCulubu Member UncommonPosts: 49
    Isn't RU already western?
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