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Good PvP overview article

misrosskmisrossk Member UncommonPosts: 21


This article tells you basically what to expect from the PvP system in the game. I think it gives a pretty clear picture about it so I figured I'd share it over here for you guys to read as well. 

As someone who has played in two CBTs for this game, I was not too overly impressed. However, "Pantheon Wars" sound interesting, if not a little unrealistic. Lets be honest: when was the last time a MMO sucuessfully did large scale PvP like this well? The whole idea behind these "Pantheon Wars" is awesome, but can the devs really pull something like that off in this kind of game? Lets just say that I am a bit doubtful. Maybe we are all in for a shocking surprise though.



Just wanted to say that this is coming from someone who was really stoked for this game.


  • CulubuCulubu Member UncommonPosts: 49
    Is it true that you can progress by doing only pvp?
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