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How many returning player will WildStar lose because of 2-step Auth?



  • KardiamondKardiamond Member UncommonPosts: 52



    Thank you good sir, I wasn't sure if I was clear enough in my other post, but you seem to understand my point.

    It was more of a debate to know if two-step authentificator like WildStar was too much security for nothing, especially since it gave a buff that hardcore player want.

    With the answers received, I think the majority seems to be fine with it. So I think they have a good amount of security. Tho, the buff coming with it might be a bit annoying for those that don't want the 2 step authentificator.


    I also learned to not take myself as an example, as people seems to focus on attacking you more then answering your question. I hope it's not the WS community that became so harsh!


    By the way, the support removed my 2-step. It took about 36 hours i Think. 



  • carotidcarotid Member UncommonPosts: 425
    Originally posted by PixelPersona
    Originally posted by Kardiamond

    Originally posted by Squarll

    Just so you know you can still login to your wildstar account on there website ( you dont need the 2 step for that) and from there you can send a ticket to have it removed.

    and seriously you need to get some patience.

    Well we had 2 choices, WildStar and TESO. WildStar stopped us right away, so we switched to TESO. Nothing about patience.

    Originally posted by ButeoRegalis

    Looks like Carbine thinks they'll lose fewer people to folks botching their part of the 2-part authentication, than they would have lost to people's account getting stolen because some evil genius mastermind guessed their super secret password, "123654".

    If you get locked out of your account contact customer support. After answering a few questions to prove this is your account they'll unlock it for you.

    I agree, seems like most people don't mind the authentificator. That's why I was asking.  


    Originally posted by grimal
    Is 2 step mandatory?  I currently have a sub and am not using it if I recall correctly.

    No it's not, but you receive an EXP buff if you get it. So it's not mandadory, but it is great to have the buff. :)


    But it is about patients as you have stated multiple times in this thread. You and your friends could not get in so you moved on to ESO. Heaven forbid you wait 1 or 2 days to play a game after resolving the issue.

    Then you come here making a thread about it expecting people to back you up when in actuality you look like another spoiled MMO player who can not have his way right now.

    WOW! Your lack of reading comprehension is disturbing

  • alivenaliven Member UncommonPosts: 346

    Answering the question: Not many, only those who cant wait for couple hours.


    Was in the same boat as you OP. Locked because of auth yada yada. Emailed them. Solved in couple hours. No biggie. 

  • Walkyier70Walkyier70 Member UncommonPosts: 67

    yeah i have to update my post

    i had tryed again after this thread and had no problems getting the authenticator taken off account

    just had to provide the correct info and with in a few hours it was taken care of

  • AmjocoAmjoco Member UncommonPosts: 4,858
    To be honest, if people are patient enough to wait a couple hours to repair a simple problem like this, than I probably wouldn't want to group with them anyway. Imagine a group of players that can't take the initiative to email for some help trying to do an entire dungeon. They would all be waiting at the entrance for someone to start.

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  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,156


    My guess it will only lose the ones who are looking for an excuse. 



    Most others can handle a little bit of waiting... And that is if they do not still have their authenticator. Most probably do especially as the app version is usable for other stuff too. 

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  • RamlachRamlach Member UncommonPosts: 39
    I had the same problem a week ago, submitted a ticket and it was cleared up in a matter of a few hours. I thought it was very good service actually.
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