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Most English Speaking Server?

AJIceAJIce Member Posts: 148
Does anyone know what the most English speaking server is?


  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199

    Originally posted by AJIce
    Does anyone know what the most English speaking server is?

    None, they're all full with turkish people.. image
  • AJIceAJIce Member Posts: 148

    Do any of the servers have a good clan that is mostly English speaking?  I haven't played in a while, so I don't know how they consistency has changed.

  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    All have servers have a few english clans, so don't worry, you can pick any of the servers
  • HibernianHibernian Member Posts: 21
    one good clan is in xigeon its called :::sin:::
  • WiRGiLLWiRGiLL Member Posts: 40

    ya on each server there r many english speakin clans...
    nowadays many new clans tend to call themselves: english speaking only or no turks and stuff like that... it's not so nice to turks but they started it all... they and pollish ::::35:: or do u no any non-english players who speak by their own language in parties or even in normal chat in towns and so... it's impolite to the others... they dun respect us (english speakin ::::39:: )

  • himbranhimbran Member Posts: 94
    (old man voice) u youngsters have it all these days; full plate armors, chitin. in my day we only hade cloths. but, we had one thing that u kids dont we all spok english.  no turks or pollish . everyone in parties said swift and buff not saol baba or some turkish crap.  jejej u youngsters got it bad.

    i have the golden psp!

  • araneloronararaneloronar Member Posts: 2

    i saw these days in  have many english user 

    game dont have much user but they using old maps like piana  breth old cz...  like oldscholl ko  

    i saw also no koxp

    but i dont understand why they allow macro 



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