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Revolution of Gaming [US/EU] Xbox 1 is looking to enhance your gaming experience

Revolution of Gaming is looking for members who want the full clan experience. We've been around since 2008 and have thousands of members (Worldwide ages 13-40+). RoG is a forum based clan with game nights, tournaments, friendly atmosphere (no flaming), and there is always someone to team up with. Our community is split up into brigades by game so you never get lost in the sea of members looking for where you belong. RoG is primarily centered around PC, PS4, and Xbox 360/One games. To join RoG you need a mic and at least weekly access to the forum (the more you get on though the better). We don't have any skill requirements but if you would like to join a competitive team you would be required to try out as needed. RoG also features a rank structure that members can use do rank up and ultimately become a leader on the site. How do I join RoG?

1.) Visit head onto the forums and create an account.
2.) Under "Rules and Information" you will see a sub-forum called Join a RoG Brigade. 
3.) Select RoG Cohesive (Smite) and fill out the form as requested and submit.
4.) Your application will be reviewed shortly and you will get a message from the Commander and LTC about how to finalize things.
5.) Start posting on the forums, hop in-game and play with members and get to know people.
RoG uses Teamspeak 3 for our primary communication but you will find members using curse voice as well. We do ask that you join the TS3 server though. If you would like more details please message me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Lathia Shuaz or Message RoG Strafe. We look forward to hearing from you soon

Please after you register go to show your interest. Also contact RoG Strafe on the forums.

"We are here to enhance the gaming experience of the gamer by the gamer. To provide a mature, friendly, competitive gaming environment for all."

Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards,



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