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Eternal Blade - PS4 - EP - NA

VahlrosVahlros Member Posts: 2
Guild Name: Eternal Blade
Guild Locale: NA:PS4
Guild Alliance: EP
Guild Focus: Semi-HC PvP and PvE
Guild Website:

Eternal Blade is an active, socially mature ESO:PS4 guild pushing the boundaries on all content, both PvP and PvE. We are looking for consistent, skilled members to fill our ranks. Our website can be found here at We look forward to participating as a guild in all aspects that ESO:TU has to offer. A lot of our current members are looking forward to Cyrodiil and Trials, but we have a few veteran players who have finished all 3 HM trials, speed runs, and HM 4 man dungeons.

With ESO:TU having a mature rating we only accept those who are age appropriate. Many of our members have full time jobs, family matters and use what time they have to socialize with each other on the PS4. We have an Australian and American player base, with a few Europeans, so expect us to have a presence in the campaign of our choice in Cyrodiil 24/7.

It is mandatory to read the Mission Statement and Code of Conduct before applying which can be found here This is to ensure all members, both old and new, are on the same page.


  • gorticgortic Member UncommonPosts: 115


  • VahlrosVahlros Member Posts: 2

    We are now accepting members who wish to join an End Game focused guild that just wish to trade their wares. With our core doing Trials and other end game content, this would make our vendor more notable than average trade guilds that just peddle standard commerce. Trade Members have access to the guild store, and are able to become a full fledged member at a later date provided they submit an application. We now have a guild trader in Mournhold, Deshaan and will continue to do so in the future. We still have many spots available for both traders and full members, so message Capricornian427 or BrokebackMounTom on the PSN for any additional information or to request a Trader invite.

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