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Das Tal

noluknoluk Member UncommonPosts: 22

Have not played the alpha.

Not an employee.

Pledged on the KS.  Why you may or may not ask?  Focus and vision seemed to be correct for me.  Not a huge team but they are not trying to make a huge game.  They sound like they are trying to make a fun game with a focus on what you do.  No "custom" crafted quests with professional actors doing voiceovers that sounds amazing.  No voxel sandboxes to play mini builder tycoon with.  Imagine building a game nowdays where the first thing you create is a combat gameplay test. With the goal of making that fun to play.  Check this one out and if you are interested and become a believer, help make it happen.  I STILL miss Shadowbane sieges and mine fights.  Maybe this one can capture some of that magic again. 


  • RhaveinRhavein Member UncommonPosts: 7
    I joined several closed alpha tests and they made huge improvement! They have dedicated team and it seems they are making a game we all pvpers love.

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  • CaldicotCaldicot Member UncommonPosts: 450

    any word on cash shop?

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  • noluknoluk Member UncommonPosts: 22
    Not an official answer of course but I don't see what they could sell in the cash shops that would be P2W.  Campaigns are quick and over in a few months at most.  Leveling as it is takes little time by design.  If they did have a cash shop I can see cosmetics and maybe some prebuilt structures and skins being the limit of what would appeal to customers. 
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