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First 2002 Witcher Demo

SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,940

I find this very interesting. Probably more for the curious or more for people who like to see early iterations of games in development.

Found it on the escapist:

Here is the youtube link.


So essentially, this "could" have been what the first witcher would have turned out to be had they followed this design. Interesting bit about players being able to create their own witchers.

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  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    Interesting to see indeed, thanks for sharing.

    But I am glad they reworked the game into what it is today.  Even back then I had my share of top down or isometric view and was getting finaly allot more 3rd or 1st person viewing options to for me enhanced my gaming immersion allot. So think would the Wither became the game it first was in  that demo I might have not even noticed the game. 

    Enjoyed W1 allot, W2 was okay, W3 is what the game alway's should have been. 

  • DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,802

    Very interesting find - thanks for sharing.

    You know all the times when you play a game and feel some things are simply not right because the company made some bad decisions?


    I feel these guys did pretty much everything right.

    Harbinger of Fools
  • Viper482Viper482 Member LegendaryPosts: 3,928
    I would have loved the idea of creating my own witcher, even maybe meeting Geralt in the game and running some quests with him like we do the other characters. Why they haven't done something like this is baffling to me. It is tough to call it a roleplaying game when the character is premade for you.
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  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    My only real dislike thus far of the witcher 3 is the fact I have to play as geralt, Couldn't stand his voice from the last game and hate it even more now... A fantastic game & series brought down by the fact your forced to play a premade character... Agree with the poster who mentioned how you can call this a RPG when you are given a pre-made toon.
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