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I am really impressed with the graphics and user interface for this game.

Looks awesome, the best user interface I have seen to date.

"We feel gold selling and websites that promote it damage games like Vanguard and will do everything possible to combat it."
Brad McQuaid
Chairman & CEO, Sigil Games Online, Inc.
Executive Producer, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes


  • CorwynnCorwynn Member UncommonPosts: 24

    We've been working on the new UI for a loooong time. What we've shown before is just the placeholder that we use for testing. The mockup we included in the newsletter is still not "real" as in, we're still making a lot of changes and modifications.

    We want to make a highly customizable UI because of the fact that we don't allow UI mods. The goal is allowing people to display the information they want to display and position the majority of elements how they want to show them.

    We'll be taking all of the feedback we get and trying to incorporate as many of the good ideas we get into the final version.

  • EmwynEmwyn Member Posts: 546
    I also love the look of the UI screenshot very nice.

    the poster formerly known as melangel :P

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