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Das Tal, how is it the #1 game in development?

NanfoodleNanfoodle Member EpicPosts: 7,600
Its at 9.2 right now. It has no big news that making us click to find out stuff yet its getting enough traffic to get a player ratting of 9.2? Something has to be up?


  • kenpokillerkenpokiller Member UncommonPosts: 321
    Despite carebears constantly hating on PvP, the niche audience likes it.

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  • HorusraHorusra Member RarePosts: 3,807
    PvP Ragebears over hyping it.
  • GruntyGrunty Member RarePosts: 8,209
    Read the site's FAQ and find out why.
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  • dbltnkdbltnk Member UncommonPosts: 13

    We've had about 20 ratings yesterday morning so I asked our community to rate us here in order to find out what our rating would be. The ~40 votes seem to have been enough to give us a rating and since they all came in in a short time this pushed us to the top for a while. It's not going to stay like that though, our infant community is still a bit too small to compete with the millions of players that a GW2 has, for example. =D



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