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Death penalty

JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170

Has there been any word on how their death penalty system will work??



  • MingmageMingmage Member Posts: 5

    Many of your questions might be answered by visiting this site (which is also linked from the official site):

    There is a section which breaks into topics (excerpts from articles and forum posts).  Should get a preliminary answer on your Death question there.  I found the site very helpful.


  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170

    Thanks mate. If anyone here might be interested about the DP then they haven't said anything for sure, but they've commented it:

    There is a special form of "death" in PvP - with less "downtime" as a result of dying. Details will be given closer to launch.

    The way we handle death is that you will never lose any items or experience, but there is a detrimental effect on some items and on certain skills. None of these effects are permanent. The intention is that you should be somewhat "afraid" to die, but the result shouldn't be serious enough that you stop playing from irritation. On the other side, you shouldn't be blas


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