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I think I'm ass out



  • darkhalf357xdarkhalf357x Member UncommonPosts: 1,237
    Originally posted by Sovrath

    I think you are way off on Aion and Lineage 2.

    extremely diverse worlds. Aion maybe too much.

    I do undestand that they consolidated the starter zones in L2. That's a shame.

    I actualy went to the former starter zone in dark elf village. Kind of interesting as it seems some sort of apocalypse must have happened in game.

    questing in L2? I suppose that's funny as there were never many quests but I suppose they've added them since.

    get to level 20 in both and at least you'll see different thigns. Or heck, just go exploring.

    Im always open to being wrong! :D

    I am giving Lineage 2 another go... stuck on a stupid beginner quest which is fustrating me (someone asking for a dog in a previous zone but cant find the dog and cant complete the quest ... grrr), but will push through to level 20. I like the world, and the UI (Im all about useful but pretty UIs).

  • BulldozeBulldoze Member UncommonPosts: 115
    Originally posted by darkhalf357x
    Originally posted by Bulldoze

    Like said previously I think Rift is the game for you, give it a proper shot.

    The world is full of "Carnage quests" which literally are grind x30 mob type quests

    Instant adventure is just grinding and those you can jump into at any level

    Housing is pretty well done with many options

    Pug dungeons galore

    Last time I played it took quite a while to level (at level 50+)  

    Playing Rift now.  Those character models are ugly. But as I said, I will give it until level 20 or so as the other mechanics I enjoy may allow me to overlook them.  Thanks!

    Yeah the models are ugly, but the wardrobe and dye system is pretty good so you can cover your ugly avatar in pretty armor and colour it how you prefer. I think if you can overcome that you will enjoy it, especially 50+ as it gets hella grindy 

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