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Crew roles ?

AudoucetAudoucet Member UncommonPosts: 69


I'm not very very used to this site, I tried a search on the subject, but I didn't find anything : I'm sorry if there was already a thread.

I didn't follow SC until yesterday, because for physical reasons I just can't play action games, but somebody talked to me about some kind of crew system, where you can play a member of a ship's crew, which could potentially offer a less "twitch" gameplay.

My question is just, is there some kind of actual information on the subject ?


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,254

    You could start here for official info

    and here for an example of community discussions w.r.t. crew roles


    Have fun



    Possible Crew Roles (from Reddit)

    "Ship setup:

    • Compact ships (1-3 seater) will use a HUD-style system that allows for basic access to most systems.

    • Medium ships (lancer, connie etc) will expand to individual support roles, such as tagging enemies and power management.

    • Capital ships (Idris and larger), will separate the roles further, such as having a console dedicated to advanced power management.

    Confirmed facts & features:

    • Each player must rely on another player for certain information in multi-crew ships

    • There are multiple station types that support a certain set of tasks.

    • Each task you can perform at a station is referred as a 'Seat Action'

    • The Captain of the ship can create 'Roles' that combine multiple seat actions.

    • The Captain can then choose to assign the created role to a certain player, or to a bridge station.

    • A system called PRIVILEGES will be added, where the Captain/owner can assign a crewman to a certain security level. This prevents untrusted recruits or hired help from sending sensitive information to an enemy fleet (aka the spying mechanic)

    • Some seat actions might pull more from the ship's computer systems than others (such as a hacking module)

    • The crew will retain their roles and positions regardless if them or their captain is online or not

    • The captain can lockout access to specific functions and control them by themselves if they wish (eg keeping the crew in the dark about their current location in space)

    • Boarding parties can hack and override the Security Privileges system (in order to gain access to a station, for example)

    • There will be an optional chain of command system, where command can fall to the next player in line if the captain is incapacitated

    • If the CoC system doesn't suit you, there will be an optional setting so an organization can choose the captain remotely

    • Stations will eventually support finger-tracking VR systems (you can pretend you're actually a starfleet officer)

    • Small ships such as the Super Hornet will have less customisation. Generally the pilot will be flying and gunning, while the second player will manage radar, power and navigation etc.

    Confirmed 'Seat Actions' (Roles will be more merged together for the small ships):

    • Command (Ordering, target selection. Usually the captain)
    • Power management/routing
    • Weapon management (ammo conservation/firing groups)
    • Weapon firing
    • Radar tagging/spotting/prioritising (RCO)
    • Navigation (plotting a course)
    • Helm (flying the ship)
    • Hacking (ECM) (low priority as it will require an entirely custom implementation)
    • Communications
    • Damage control/engineering (Dealt with in the engine room)

    Confirmed Downtime/off-duty roles:

    • Multiple types of minigames, including cards, chess, poker, and other leisure functions
    • Engineers can perform repairs or have a go at overclocking the ship's systems
    • RCO (radar) could be monitoring long range scanners and identifying interest points
    • Helm could be generally flying around or following a course set by the navigation officer
    • Navigator could be plotting a route to increase fuel efficiency
    • Gunners/passengers/junior crew could roleplay or be used as 'night crew' while the regular crew is taking a break


    • Radar/tagging stations will measure enemy signatures in EM output (power generation), Heat (engines/overheating), and cross-section (aka mass)
    • Physical sabotage will be possible by all players (eg taking shields offline when an enemy attacks, then abandoning ship)
    • You'll be able to turn the gravity on/off in the larger ships
    • Engineers will be able to use their MobiGlass to identify damage/weak points in internal routing systems and optimise them further.
    • NPC crew will never take risks (identify ships in a blind spot, for example)
    • NPC crew will take orders from the captain via a queue system
    • NPC crew may be better/quicker at accepting and carrying out orders than real players
    • Turrets/gunners will have basic target marking and scan abilities
    • Probes controlled by a bridge station might be added
    • The Panther Escort Carrier will have a firing range
    • Armories on capital ships will allow grunts to overclock/tune/maintain their weapons and armor
    • Turrets will do nothing without an AI or player being in them
    • Station layout/color schemes will be customisable.
    • Station functions will be able to be bound to specific keys.

    Additional information about Engineering & Power Routing roles:

    Engineering will have both physical and virtual elements. Cap ships will have a power network which all ship systems will be attached too. Power conduits will link the systems to each other and the power supply itself. At conduit junctions there will be fuses, both on the virtual map and physically on the ship. The engineer routes and reroutes power / heat to all systems via an engineers interface location in the Power Plant room. However if the ship takes damage in a specific location or the engineer passes too much power through a fuse, it will blow rendering that junction useless until repaired. This forces the engineer to either physically run around the ship and repair the fuses or reroute power virtually with the interface, likely putting even more stress on alternative routes."

  • AudoucetAudoucet Member UncommonPosts: 69
    Thanks, seems interesting !
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