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lf a good social pve exeriance

DonpoohbearDonpoohbear Member UncommonPosts: 85
i really enjoyed mmo's for the grouping with ppl doing random quests grinding or exploring areas for finding out lore. so im wondering if any of todays mmo's offer this


  • ciorritaciorrita Member Posts: 14
    I am also waiting for suggestions.
  • SuntouchedSuntouched Member CommonPosts: 50

    Elders Scrolls Online has a great community and as it has just gone btp there are many low lvl players to lvl with and explore with, a really cool feature they have is that you can be part of up to 5 guilds, so you can join 5 active guilds and see which one has people that you get along with and you can put all your attention into that guild and make friends there.

    I find this system easier as you dont have to quite a guild to test out some of the other guilds out there.

    If you decide to play and are on the EU server send me a msg and ill invite you to our guild, we have multiple guilds all part of the same alliance. There is a 500 member limit per guild so we have made 3 guilds, we all share a forum too so its easy to get to know each other and organise events together.

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