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Vodoo-ThizzVodoo-Thizz Member UncommonPosts: 5

If anyone is interested in starting a browser strategy mmo feel free to join me in this amazing game, they will open a new server the 22nd of april (in 3 days) and its tons of fun.

The game takes place in ancient Rome with romans etc. Its slow paced and very important to play with a group  (leagues) so you really create bonds with people playing everyday for months. I have to say its really really addicting, i´ve being trying it and its amazing how NPCs and pvp its done, it feels like you really are part of the game.

If anyone is intereseted the game is called Call of roma and the site where all the pros/old players are playing (also new people but as there is a lot of sites i kinda like how this oldies (some of them playing for 6years in the 1st server) help new people) is mmo51 feel free to join me, im Vodoo and i will create a league etc where we will help everyone.


The site again is and the new server will be s6, feel free to start in s5 to see how the game works but the fun is going to be in s6 with everyone competing. Tell me what you think about it and if u have played.

Btw: i dont work for the company or anything, i just want the people of mmorpg bored of playing wow/eso/gw2 love a real challenge in this type of browser games and have fun in them.




  • IrachtusIrachtus Member UncommonPosts: 18
    browser games aren't a challenge so i pass.
  • amoiyamoiy Member Posts: 20

    hmm...browser game. I do not like. sorry

    why do not you try League of Legends, Infinite Crisis?

  • HardstoneHardstone Member Posts: 14
    League of angels?
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