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Log in after 2 years absence..

KyarraKyarra Member UncommonPosts: 789

and find a strange character on my account, and the one character I did make who is a cleric had 6m gold on her and level 39. She was like lvl 17 when I left the game.

I was hacked, but how come I never was informed that someone else was trying to log into my account? No emails, nothing warning me. I guess I am happy my account was not banned, and I am now rich, but it makes me mad that NCSoft is not very secure :(


  • TokkenTokken Member EpicPosts: 3,243

    take the 6 m gold and run! lol

    seriously though, there were no alerts at all?

    Proud member since March 2004!  Make PvE GREAT Again!

  • KyarraKyarra Member UncommonPosts: 789
    Originally posted by Tokken

    take the 6 m gold and run! lol

    seriously though, there were no alerts at all?

    Oh I plan on taking that gold, just wish I knew how to play my lvl 39 cleric. But yes, no warning what so ever. Very scary if I was into this game and this happened. 

  • GrinnzGrinnz Member UncommonPosts: 312
    Change your passwords, and call it a good day at the casino.
  • toomuch4212toomuch4212 Member UncommonPosts: 82
    A very similar thing happened to me, except it was while the game was still subscription based, I got hacked and NCsoft caught it after a few days and locked the account and when I logged back in after changing my password etc. I too had gained a few levels to say the least but all my stuff was gone and replaced with stacks of other items and some really good stuff at the time, and salot more gold. ALOT more gold... While that's great, this really freaked me out since I did have a credit card on file so I cancelled my sub and haven't been back. This was years ago. Which is sad, because I truely enjoyed the game and at the time had the best graphics and innovation for an MMO(at the time). I no longer have that e-mail so I couldn't use that account again if I wanted to sadly. Wish I could but I'd be too leery I think to use it anyway. I may call them and try to get it back, but we'll see, as I wasn't super high anyways maybe level 47 or so I think. 

    I really want to know if it's worth it to re-roll and play again from start. Is the grind a bit less (ie., is leveling at least faster)? And my biggest concern is the hacking bad? Because my new account has a blade and soul founders master pack on it and I don't want that compromised in any way. Are the graphics updated at all? Since now I could see them turning from once awe inspiring and beautiful to somewhat dated and done too much in other MMOs nowadays.

    Also, to those who think it's worth the try again what classes are good now? I heard smn and gunner. I play a level capped gunner in Tera. So if any vet who played before and still plays, or anyone who at least knows and plays now, I'm really curious if the game has improved and been updated and how the graphics hold up and if they have been updated and generally how the game is now that it's F2P (world and even zone sizes and amounts, questing any voice acting? Basically for being F2P what is the state of the game now? are the item store and premium subs just for convince items or is there pay to win aspects? Just super curious, because while it was years ago and specifics are a bit lost on me except some zones and of course the flying, I would really like to know what character to roll now and if PVP is any decent too? 
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