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Consoles are really lackluster this generation

RusqueRusque Member RarePosts: 2,785

So I'm interested in Uncharted and Bloodborne, but I'm not particularly interested in buying a PS4 - the game library is pretty pathetic.

Xbox One is a joke outside of Killer Instinct.

Wii U only reaffirms my belief that Nintendo stopped caring after the N64.


Just looking at the game libraries out there and I literally can't even. This marks the first generation I haven't purchased a console. Last gen was PS3 + Xbox 360, before that PS2 + Xbox + Gamecube and before that I was a nintendo guy (PC always tho, master race of course).

What happened? Where are the games? How does the PS4 not have at least half a dozen JRPGs at least? Action games? Nada?

Anything that comes out mutli-platform console and PC will be played on PC, so that automatically eliminates most of the big games. I don't see a reason to buy a console that I'll only ever play 2 games on (unless lots of great stuff is planned that hasn't been announced). I still have my ps3 for blu-ray watching, and a stack of great games to go with it.



  • DarkswormDarksworm Member RarePosts: 1,066

    I think the biggest issue with this generation's consoles is the broken backward compatibility.  It really limits what you can play on them, so at this point it still sort of looks like the XB360 or PS3 are much better values given the lower prices and the amazing game libraries they've amassed over the years.

    There are some good games, but a lot of them have *cheaper* ports for last-gem consoles, Lol.

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