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xb1&ps4 & ssd?

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
OK!was reading about this online ,load time etc (all within my expectation)what baffled me tho it seem player don't experience smoother gaming !what?it should be smoother!what did Dev do ?ram everything and use disk for archival?(to be used for loading level?are they nuts?no wonder xb1 and ps4 get ton of issue ,dev can't do it this way,they will alway have issue (memory)why you think Microsoft always yell keep paging file,even tho gamer on PC got 64 GB of ram?yep same problem!at least now I know it isn't the consoles fault!men this is so sad,its nice to know.I cannot believe this,good thing some tested with ssd,and gaming experience was similar(stutter,fps etc)


  • DarkswormDarksworm Member RarePosts: 1,081

    Hybrid Drives are good, ESPECIALLY for PS4 where you can replace the drive and put the entire OS on the Hybrid Drive.  It helps boot times and things like that out a lot.

    SSD = Not worth the money, not on a console.  Great for PCs, though.  Not even sure Consoles can properly optimize the SSDs, like a PC does, so I'd like to see how they perform after some time on those consoles before I plop down the premium to get one.  Platter discs offer too big a $/GB value over SSDs to justify spending that much money on something that honestly isn't going to increase your performance by a ton (at least judging by the benchmarks I've seen on it).

    Hybrids are more economical, and are worth considering for something like a PS4 where you can put it in the console and install the OS to it.

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