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How are people getting prestige so fast?

ArchaegeoArchaegeo Member UncommonPosts: 233

Ive played quite a bit and am only to 2300.  Its like pulling teeth.


Am I doing something wrong or do you just grind the instances over and over and they are just psycho grinders who are at 10K+

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  • CannyoneCannyone Member UncommonPosts: 266
    In CBT2 I only played for ~1.5 days and I was up to almost 2300.  But I was also just unlocking the whole Adept system.  So I'd say that you need to work on multiple avenues of advancement.
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,934
    Multiple avenues of advancement is probably the key. I'm at approximately 5500 prestige and I'm unlocking 3 classes pretty further into it and the other 2 a little way in. Having two or three classes gives you options to deal with situations where one class is more suited than another.
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  • teknotazteknotaz Member UncommonPosts: 112
    i was 5500 when i finally got archer. upgrading gear and filling in your atlas.


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