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What's your favourite class of all time?



  • RivolRivol Member UncommonPosts: 79

    Necro Minion Master in the original Guild Wars has always been my favorite class to play and it disappoints me that no other mmo has come close to replicating it (except maybe the necro in Diablo II). Rolling through a zone with an army of 16 bone horrors and a flesh golem watching them destroy everything was mega fun.

    Sadly the necro in GW2 is a bit of a sad joke.

  • JessillyJessilly Member UncommonPosts: 15

    LOTRO Loremaster - Debuffs, tons of CC and pets, really fun support class.

    Dofus Enutrof - Old guy who summons bags and shovels and treasure chests and runs off with all the loot, had some nice debuff and cc abilities and made all my treasure hoarding dreams come true. Was in huge demand in groups until multiboxing ruined the game, would love to see a class like this in another game.

  • NegativeJoeNegativeJoe Member UncommonPosts: 212

    Mana Eldritch, probably my favorite

    Also liked Bard, and Vamp. Branching out, Chloromancer from Rift, Burglar and Warden from LotRO, and Esper from Wildstar, and early CoH its been a really long time but i want to say earth dominator? when you grouped with people that actually understood what they did, which was rare early on in CoH, they were so overpowered.

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  • c-motc-mot Member UncommonPosts: 51

    SWG: Creature Handler / Rifleman with a freelancer pilot license from the Smuggler's Alliance (Jabba)


  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon Member RarePosts: 3,436
    Originally posted by ArtificeVenatus
    Originally posted by SavageHorizon

    I'm guessing you never played a Vanguard Shaman or Dread Knight. Not that I don't agree with ya but Vanguards Shaman was right up there.  After all it was the same person who designed both the Shamens we are talking about. 

    Same person? Ain't that guy the one making that Pantheon mmo now?

    Sure is and I'll be super happy when he and his team pull it off. 

  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,028

    I have said this a few times every time this topic arises


    My Gravity/Empathy Controller

    My  Dark Blast/Traps Corruptor

    My Robotics/Forcefield MM but they did not stop there I had 20 more toons in City of X I loved. What an amazing game it was.image for shutting it down

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  • tammerlanetammerlane Member UncommonPosts: 10

    My three favorites:

    My Hunter from Lotro

    My Jedi Shadow in SWTOR

    and my Shadowknight in EQ2

  • PoliticaldadPoliticaldad Member UncommonPosts: 128

    EQ - Enchanter

    could charm people that were dumb enough to want to Duel an Enchanter, and then run them into the guards.

    could buff NPC's, give them weapons and then go invis and wait for unsuspecting players to camp the 'easy' kills... only to be killed by the now 'Super Mob' ..... muahahahahahhahahahahahaha


    SWG:ED - Master Bio Engineer

    My pets ... my glorious pets ...... oh and killing Rancors with a Needle ... :)


  • CalmOceansCalmOceans Member UncommonPosts: 2,437
    The bard in Everquest probably.
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,441

    Asheron's Call didnt have classes so I built my own

    Magic Defense, Life Magic, Missile def specced, heavy armor wearing tank mage.

    zero offensive skills, nothing but debuffs and self healing.  Was an awesome group tank and power leveling class

    I called him a Cove Mage, as he was decked out in high missile defense Covenant armor loaded with Majors


  • RoguewizRoguewiz Member UncommonPosts: 710
    Originally posted by marsh9799
    Originally posted by Roguewiz
    Originally posted by Axehilt

    In terms of aesthetics, Marauders from WAR were awesome.  A class mutating it's own arm to become a monstrous tool suitable to the current battle was a fun and unique concept.

    In terms of possibility, Archmages/Shamans from WAR.  It was a little like the alternating rhythm between arcane and nature damage for Balance druids (WOW), except these WAR classes alternated between healing and damage.  It had the potential to be really deep and rewarding of skill.

    Sadly neither class really achieved its potential, due to shallow rotations (and in PVP it hurt that the game revolved around excessive CC.) Even sadder is that out of all the classes truly in need of help, Archmage/Shaman was the pair they wanted to revamp first, with a proposal that would've made them far shallower to play

    In terms of what I've played longest, WOW Shaman.  The healing rotation is currently pretty dang excellent.  Lots of options dependent on the order your cast your spells.

    In terms of what I enjoyed raiding/dungeoning with most, WOW Rogues.  Such a ridiculously fun and flexible kit the last couple expansions.

    I think Disciple of Kaine had the most potential as far as classes in WAR went.  Front line battle cleric that relied on melee and healing.

    Sadly, poorly implemented, as with most of the game (IMHO)

    You were only sort of reliant on melee.  You were reliant on close proximity but not on melee abilities depending on your spec.


    I'd rank my favorites as:


    1.)  EQ1 Shaman- the absolute ultimate support class.  I don't think I've seen another class match the support abilities of the Shaman in any game I've played.  Most games don't even have a real support option.

    2.)  EQ1 Shadowknight- I've found it extremely odd that such a popular class and theme hasn't been incorporated into more games.  The Deathknight never felt like a Shadowknight to me- a real hybrid class.  The Paladin at various points in WoW did.

    3.)  WAR Warrior Priest- By far the most fun I've had with a class for PvP healing.  It's not even close.

    4.)  Shadowbane Assassin- A very unique take on the rogue style classes.

    I could never get into the Shaman.  I loved the buffs and most of the spells, but just wasn't my cup of tea.  Druids though.  That is an awesome class! :).  Still doesn't beat Bard and Enchanter though

    Shadowknight is definitely one of the good ones.  Paladins are the Melee/Holy Class, Rangers are Melee/Nature, Shadowknights are the Melee/Arcane class.  Sadly, most games don't go this route, and to be honest, while their versions are definitely hybrids; they rarely "share" spells.  It is what I like about EQ.  Closer to DND than certain other games.

    Shadowbane Assassin was definitely fun.  While the most of the classes themselves were fun, what made Shadowbane great was the disciplines.  Aelfborne Ranger with Blademaster Rune, Werewolf Rune, and Commander Rune, or throwing a Black Mask rune on any "Rogue" base class.


    Originally posted by Politicaldad

    EQ - Enchanter

    could charm people that were dumb enough to want to Duel an Enchanter, and then run them into the guards.

    could buff NPC's, give them weapons and then go invis and wait for unsuspecting players to camp the 'easy' kills... only to be killed by the now 'Super Mob' ..... muahahahahahhahahahahahaha


    SWG:ED - Master Bio Engineer

    My pets ... my glorious pets ...... oh and killing Rancors with a Needle ... :)


    Walk into Blackburrow.  Check

    Charm random Gnoll.  Check

    Buff and hand Gnoll Weighted Axe.  Check



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  • DullahanDullahan Member EpicPosts: 4,534
    Just about any class from Vanguard.  The classes had so much character.  The disciple was a martial master and a healer.  Basically a combination of the EQ monk with the ability to heal.  Was such a powerful class, so much fun to play with healing coming from more than just targeted spells, but as added effects of certain attacks.  They also had higher evasion and the capability of wielding defensive swords which increased their chance to parry.  Just such a refreshing change from the common healing class from most games.

  • GReYVeeGReYVee Member UncommonPosts: 52

    Originally posted by Dullahan
    Just about any class from Vanguard.  The classes had so much character. 

    Definitely. I did not try all of the classes in Vanguard but had my hand at ~seven of them and enjoyed each. If that game had gone into further fruition I imagine we'd eventually have seen some very interesting dynamics to class make-up.

    I usually enjoy classes that are mediocre at everything and would say the sweet spot for a time was EQ2 Warden. I don't remember what the spec trees were called but did this strange mishmash of melee-ranged nukes, with a pet, and piles of regen/micro healing procs.

  • SalvadorbardSalvadorbard Member UncommonPosts: 100

    Seer from Avalon: The Legend Lives.



    Mysticism (Wax figures, voodoo manipulation of other players world-wide range including things like true cripple, burn, will, bleed, crush, twist, maim, mangle, puppet emissaries)

    Fatalism (50 curses and blessings including anorexia, slothfulness, dizziness, haemophilia, pessimism, insanity, transforming your target into a shimmering mist, hayfever, good luck and so on).

    Farsight (Using seeing stones to bring whole regions of the world under your influence with world-ranging powers; far cursing, far detonations, immolations, sleeping mists and intonation, use of the netherworld and poltergeist forms)


    Fantastically psychological combat; being able to mess with people from a distance using the wax figures / voodoo dolls.

  • GardavsshadeGardavsshade Member UncommonPosts: 907

    Droid Engineer; SWG, Because I love building droids in a MMO that other Players would use, enjoyable because droids aren't available in our own RL quite yet. Now gone, the most enjoyable class I ever played.

    Ship Captain; STO, for me now gone because as bad as I felt Cryptic was/is PWE is far worse. For me STO is dead Jim. I loved being a Ship Captain in STO, both Fed and Klingon, because I want to do that in RL and we can not.

    Rune Keeper; LotRO... because of all the classes I ever played in a fantasy MMO the RK "syncs" with me as a person so fantastically well, I play an RK almost by instinct. Very enjoyable for me and I am still playing it.

    Pod Pilot in EvE Online. For same reasons as above for STO.

    Theuragist; DAoC... all my awesome earth pets slamming the Hibbies and Middies until the flee from the Keep I defended... what a feeling of victory. With DAoC as it is now, being run by Broadsword and how they manage the game, this class too is now gone afaiac.


  • ashe59ashe59 Member UncommonPosts: 39

    Minotaur Doomsayer in Shadowbane

    EQ Monk

    Those would be my two favorite , toss up between my favorite character i ever had (my doomsayer) or the first MMO character i ever had (monk)

  • ElboneElbone Member UncommonPosts: 87

    Nen master - Dungeon fighter online

    Mage - World of warcraft vanilla

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,920
    Originally posted by Jessilly

    LOTRO Loremaster - Debuffs, tons of CC and pets, really fun support class.


    Finally, another Loremaster! Great taste, if I do say so myself. :)

    Joined - July 2004

  • BeyornBeyorn Member UncommonPosts: 345
    City of Heroes.....Mastermind!!
  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen Member UncommonPosts: 2,483

    Friar  in Dark Age of Camelot



    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,851
    AO Bureaucrat
  • nennafirnennafir Member UncommonPosts: 313

    Either Dominator in City of Villains or Mesmer in Guild Wars 1.

    I liked both because:

    (1) They had awesome crowd control.


    (2) There was amazing build variety.


    It seems like with many games, there is just no variety, and everyone is the same cookie cutter thing.  Not so at all with these two.

  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,973
    Originally posted by Kyarra
    Pre NGE creature handler in SWG. Being able to go out into the wild and find baby animals to tame was exciting to me. Miss that class. Beastmaster was not the same and as fun.

    Creature handler was fun.  My first in that game was a TK master, fun times.

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  • MavolenceMavolence Member UncommonPosts: 635
    I don't have a favorite class per say, but i do have a preference. I really prefer games that had modular skills that you can make certain specific builds to your liking. My favorite two classes then in this sense were Rilfeman/C. Medic and Rifleman/Creature Handler (SWG), Nox Dexor, Tamer (UO), and ECM pilot in EVE.
  • ReaperJodaReaperJoda Member UncommonPosts: 76
    Eq necro
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