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Where are the old school Players? Blast from the past VIDEO

DeathengerDeathenger Member UncommonPosts: 880

KO was my first MMO and I have to tell you, PVP wise its the best I ever played. I quit in late 2005 because of Arestides (i think that was his name). That crooked GM that was farming bosses and selling gold and shit. He was cought killing troll king by a couple of us (Eternal Knights) and after that people started mysteriously losing items and shit like that.

I sold my BP Shujinko on Ebay for 500$ and went to play WoW but I always had a special place in my heart for Knight Online even though it did me dirty. To this day, I still believe KO has the best PVP system and gameplay.

Here is an old video I just came acrost of us (Eternal Knights) doing the rounds in CZ tanking towers and pwning up some Humans. If any old EK floating around stop and say HI!



  • 0racun0racun Member Posts: 1

    2005 was a good year....2007 and after pretty much sucked hard.

  • Neil42Neil42 Member Posts: 3

    i like playing this game too... just like diablo 2 (but in diablo you play god mode, he he).

    got my butt kicked in mU when i was starting out especially in pvp servers, i like the trade system and the chaos machine, you can't know for sure what happens when you use that machine, he he... that's the fun part for me.  it's not easy when you start, the fun part is when you're character can hold its own on higher maps. no god mode in here, he he. 

    takes long to level up but sometimes its worth it, duel system is also good, gives you the chance to kick the other character's butt when you're strong enough (payback time, remember me, he he)

    oh, i forgot, i still get my butt kicked every now and then in pvp, my knight is level 300+ now, imagine the other character's level if they can kill my character w/ just 2 combos, wow.

  • AquanticeAquantice Member Posts: 2

    getting worse and worse day by day.gamers first took over but nothing change.same cheaters and baba shoppers with +10 items which is edited or duped.only few real players left but against kosper parties they dont have chance.

  • corporatecorporate Member Posts: 1
    i remember those days shujinko. didn't see myself though =( . I just started playing again with creeper. Got one of my old names back. SomeoneSpecial =)
  • dadante666dadante666 Member UncommonPosts: 402
    lol nice knowing  theres still people remember this game ,was mi first mmo too and alwais love it ,i wish more mmo would be like KO  whitought the hackers ,but mmo now day are plain  sooloing and cash grab  ;/ soo sad i hope one day mmo would be like it used to be ,ido thinking on going back to ff14 wish bring kinda oldschool mmo  and is worth.


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