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Windows 10 Will we have a disc we can purchase.

SpankthetoadSpankthetoad Member UncommonPosts: 83
As most of you know Windows 10 will be free for 1 year and then there will be a subscription after that time.  As of now I cannot fine any info on what the cost would be on that.  I was wondering if this means that you cannot buy a hard copy {disk} and not have a monthly subscription.  If anyone has any info on that I would love to share it with others here.  Already paying a sub to play a online game I would not want to add on to that for running windows 10 also.



  • EkibiogamiEkibiogami Member UncommonPosts: 2,154
    I dont think they have even reached the  point where they are planing that. Heck, it probably wont be until after launch.

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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,218

    The sub would probably be better for the consumer in the long run. It would probably be priced around $50 a year with free unlimited support and a simple upgrade path. When you miss a payment a stripped down limited access version takes over. It would also allow the OS to be portable. I like the idea of a virtual OS, where I login on any computer and it loads up my desktop and settings in a virtual space on the machine with access to OneDrive for documents.

    For Microsoft it would help in 2 ways. First they would no longer need to sell the box. I always considered the box clunky for 2015. Personally I don't have an optical drive installed on my machine, and I would hate to run through 3 years of updates after a fresh install. I think it would be much easier to use the browser in my UEFI bios to reinstall an OS. Second it would be easier to compete with Linux and Data-mining OSes like Android that are offered free.

    Even though I say this, I am sure Microsoft will still offer Windows 10 with a box. After all they still offer 32-bit versions of Windows 10. It would probably be aimed at businesses who want to pay full price on a license that they can more efficiently distribute out.

  • CalmOceansCalmOceans Member UncommonPosts: 2,437
    Originally posted by Spankthetoad
    As most of you know Windows 10 will be free for 1 year and then there will be a subscription after that time. 

    There's no subscription, there's no plans to add a subscription to Windows, MS nowhere mentions a subscription. Whoever told you that is wrong.


    The only thing that is going to happen is.

    -If you buy windows 10 within the first year of launch, and you either have windows 7 o 8, it's a free upgrade.

    -If you wait a year to buy windows 10 after launch, you have to pay for the upgrade.

    That's it, none of this has anything to do with a subscription.

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