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Possible one of, if not the Best Pirate mmo you can play.

Many mmo's are out there, some are Pirate based, but I think this is one of the if not the best Pirate based mmo's you can play (yes I'm biased I love it lol).

Yes it has it's flaws then evry game has and not all are perfect and to evryone's taste.

If you like a Pirate Based mmo that has a more mature and historical content then UWO is the game for you.

Recent updates and patches have been introduced to iron out the bugs and has brought me back into the game after 2 years away and am loving it lol.

With a commited fan base and inteligent imput I'm shure it.s popularitty will grow and grow (dont qoute me on it tho lol).

If you get tempted to play, like it and are a commited team player who wants to enjoy, have fun and get on with other like minded individuals then look me up on the forums or in game.


CaptMorgans BBB


  • cagancagan Member UncommonPosts: 445

    Only 2 posts...  check

    both posts saying for great this game is....check

    Commercial / marketing for a greedy company that destroyed the community and the game....check


    plz do not waste time or money with this game readers...this really is a terrible game run by a terrible greedy cash grabbing company


    EDIT: the 7.5 rating is because of multiple users created on MMOPRG to give 10 ratings, real rating is around 5


  • WolfmeisterWolfmeister Member UncommonPosts: 50

    Remember that aside from companies spreading disinformation.. so are jaded players:)


    I will look myself to see what this is. Thanks

    We are the Founding Fathers in this virtual world in which we create. As such it seems we must do what our Founding Fathers had to do.. in order to let our fellow gamers have a fair shake.

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