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New Guild (Proudmoore) Alliance

Arcane4176Arcane4176 Member UncommonPosts: 61

(Alliance) (Proudmoore)

Eternal Legend


Ok everyone ive yet to find a guild that has the things im looking for so ive decided to start my own. Below im going to type out a list of things ive decided to include in my guild. If anyone is looking for an alliance side guild on a pve server feel free to msg me or contact me in game. So here we go!


1.A mature environment so that we don't have kids whining or nagging.


2.Voice chat so when grouping or raiding we can communicate without
stopping in the middle of battle to type out strategies.Also so we can shoot the chit when soloing so the game is more fun.


3.A casual place to not only group, be social and have fun but raid without set times when you have kids to take care of or work.


4.Guild events that are fun and get the guild members together so that we just don't raid and then log out.


5.A tight knit guild that doesn't have 300 members. I like to know EVERYONE in my guild so that I can build a relationship, personal gaming experience.


6.A fair looting system that doesn't require you to raid so many times per week to be able to roll because you have a life.


7.Allow members to play the way they want and not require them to play a certain spec. Have fun and die trying!


8.No more Bs rules that require others to do things to be able to do other things. Play how you want the only rules are the ones made by the actual game and those of guild permissions. Just don't be a dumb ass.


9.Organization as in don't log in for 2 weeks your gone we want a clean active roster not one with members who haven't been logged in for 2 years. If you have a reason to be gone let us know we wont boot you.


10.Multiple officers in charge of duties not members. We wont be bossing each other around here. One for the bank, Recruitment, Website, etc.

If this sounds like your cup of beer then please let me know i'll be making the guild today! Thanks for reading my huge ass wall of text.. my battle tag is Faedom#1553 hope you find me well.


We already have about 12 members in just a few hours.


  • johnathonmjohnathonm Member UncommonPosts: 19

    What server are you on?  I am trying to come back to wow but don't feel like being isolated, alone or dealing with guild shopping in game.



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