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Beta still going on?

EberhardtEberhardt Member UncommonPosts: 157
Is the beta still going?


  • Princess.ClaudePrincess.Claude Member UncommonPosts: 65
    Open beta started dec. 17th and it's basically a soft-launch. So the game is live now, permanently.
  • momodigmomodig Member UncommonPosts: 555
    How do I get into beta I go to there site and there's no information about open beta

  • muppetpilotmuppetpilot Member UncommonPosts: 171

    Probably not open to foreigners OP, at least if you're like me and in the West.  It appears it started in the East around late December but not available to other countries. I'm not a pro but I believe their may be ways around that?

    Sez Western release 2016, whatever you think that means. I'm waiting too, believe me.

    "Why would I want to loose a religion upon my people? Religions wreck from within - Empires and individuals alike! It's all the same." - God Emperor of Dune

  • Princess.ClaudePrincess.Claude Member UncommonPosts: 65

    The open beta are for Koreans only. By that i mean you need a Korean SSN, like in most other Korean games.

    However it is relatively easy to get in anyway. You can find 3rd party sites that sells verified accounts for $10. The biggest barrier is the language, and actually getting the game to work.

    I think I've spend half my time just getting it to work. It gets updated several times a week, and it got a horrible slow patcher (capped at 0,18MB/s), that will break down / screw up about half the time, so you always need to have a backup copy ready that you can start over with.

    While i do login every other day to check out stuff, i would not recommend it to anyone to be honest.


    I guess i should add that open beta in Korea basically means launch. They are only calling it an open beta because several regions and classes are still missing. They just added another region (Media) yesterday and in a few days we'll get a new class as well.


  • AndistotleAndistotle Member UncommonPosts: 124

    im playing beta currently. I bought account for 10$ and im playing everyday. Its a long process that can take from 2-4 days before u can play. Since there is alot of non-combat stuff going on its kinda tricky when u dont know korean. You need to read alot of guides or watch youtube videos and stuff. Im just gonna test it out a bit and run around and explore the world,  its not gonna be my main game until its realesed in the west. graphics and world is mindblowing. is the place to go for account.

  • PepeqPepeq Member UncommonPosts: 1,977
    Meh, until it launches in the U.S. you can call it whatever you want... it doesn't exist here until it does.
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