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New Vaadwuar Lock Box: Opening 320 [VIDEO]

If you wanted to see what you might experience when opening some of the new Vaadwuar Lock Boxes, well I have the video for you. In this video I open 320 Vaadwuar Lock Boxes and afterward take a look at what we get inside.

Probably the oddest thing we find inside the box are the new Vaadwuar Polaron weapons. I'm not sure if it's just me but the English used to describe their special effect seems very poor. What do you think they mean by this proc? I will run some experiments with these new weapons in some upcoming videos, if we don't figure it out by then.

I hope you enjoy the video:


  • mrneurosismrneurosis Member UncommonPosts: 310
    Man people at pw/cryptic live and breathe for players like you. jeeez!!
  • willaimshatwillaimshat Member Posts: 81
    Ohh, because you think I spent real money on those keys?  Well, I didn't I copied my character that had about 50 keys on it over to the test server, about 100 times and put them all on one character.  I didn't pay for any of that.
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