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Star Trek Online's 5th Anniversary Event begins today

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


  STO's 5th anniversary is being celebrated with an event that begins today. 

  Logging-in between now & before tomorrow,  Jan.30th '15 10am PST, will offer a free "21st Century Formal Wear" costume account-wide, just go to C-Store & select Appearance & if you don't already own it should be at the top of selections.

  The actual anniversary event begins today with the brand new mission, "Dust To Dust", & some daily mini-missions accumulating in the chance to earn a tier 6 Kobali Samsar Cruiser.

  If you play, I hope you enjoy like I'll try ... right after they fix these bugs with this latest patch that is LOL. 



  • TalonsinTalonsin Member EpicPosts: 3,619

    In PWI's last financial statement they blamed losses on North American games.  Cryptic continues to lose money and most people are playing the game for free and avoiding the lock boxes.  It is only natural that the server hardware and/or internet bandwidth is reduced to cut costs.

    I dont know what PWI was thinking when they felt they could save this game and make it profitable by adding lock boxes.  It is a great F2P game for casual players who jump in a few hours a week but there is really nothing there to hold subscribers. 

    "Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD

  • HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,591
    So in typical PWE/Cryptic fashion they didn't test the event content to see if it was working. Its full of bugs and broke other things in the game. This company is so pathetic. And to make it worse a ui loadout bug that's been in the game for over a year is even worse now. How these Dev's keep their jobs amazes everyone. If you can't fix a ui bug that's been around for a year, you shouldn't have a job in this industry.
  • ValoreahValoreah Member Posts: 75

    According to Cryptic, they aren't able to reproduce the UI issues, such as the emptying of trays and such.  Also, Smirk has said that he ran tests of "all the queues" and they "all loaded within 30 seconds or less" for him, which is utterly impossible. 


    Stephen D'Angelo has stepped down as EP, so hopefully the new guy coming in will be better. 

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