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Lag-oria Victis

LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 647

If you have the bad luck of living in the US, hold off on this game. I ran into latency issues several months ago when I signed up for the game and still, to this day have them. A single raw packet pings the server at about 180ms - that's about 100 more than would be considered a comfortable rate. Add any amount of data to that and you'll spend most of your time playing a game of prediction rather than skill based combat.


It's a good game and even with lag, I was able to spend several days playing it a while back. But the lag and, what I am assuming is poor optimization (really poor FPS with everything set to low, on top of the latency) turns this game into a slideshow where the game itself is trying to predict what the next frame (that registers on the server) will have you end up doing. I lost count of the amount of time I'd end up dying to a mob 2 seconds after I'd land a killing blow... and that's what combat in this game is like.


They need some serious optimization and more localized servers (the current one is in Poland) before this game can reach anything near the playable mark. Hearing about its pending release on Steam leaves me cringing a bit at the thought of more than just a dozen or so people trying to log in at once.


  • JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172


    That's a issue, indeed. Although when we will take down NDA, which will happen as soon as we will fix "ghosts" bug, we will create US server.

    Speaking of performance issues, new Unity 5 which should be there next month will bring us many of the long time expected optimization posibilities.

    btw. our server is located in France, most of our US users as far as I know have about 120 ping but indeed, thats still high for that kind of game!

  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 963

    I'm from the US and had little lag... I know some people did, but that's why they got the US servers up.. Be patient. They will get there. They are making this game, even with a fail KS, with mostly there own time and funds



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