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Need help deciding on game (poll)

SlukjanSlukjan Member UncommonPosts: 265
I have 3 RPGs for my PS3 that I haven't played yet and I'm wondering which one comes most highly recomended for a casual gamer.  Kingdoms of Amular, Dragon Age Origins, Dark Souls.  Which do you like  best and why?


  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Member Posts: 558

    Define "casual gamer."

    You're going to be dying a lot in Dark Souls, and when you die you return to your last bonfire (similar to a checkpoint, except it's not a reload) and everything you had killed respawns (except for bosses). This is just a part of the game. I love Dark Souls, and I would recommend that but it really depends on what you mean by "casual gamer."

    Dragon Age Origins is good too, though it can be long. Lots of choices, more emphasis on story and npc interaction, and isn't a die&retry type of RPG. If Dark Souls doesn't fit right, I'd recommend this one.

  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,870
    I would say Dragon Age Origins is the most casual for sure.  Dark Souls is a little more hardcore because of its difficulty and you will find yourself dying a lot and not really making much progress in short spaces of time.  Kingdoms of Amular is just boring but still a casual game.
  • faye01faye01 Member Posts: 64
    Dragon age origin. Its the thing that i'm most familiar with while the others just heard and never been played yet.
  • KyziiKyzii Member Posts: 46

    I also vote for Dragon Age Origin. It’s a good game and you will get the satisfaction that you needed.

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  • lizasabinaylizasabinay Member Posts: 14
    i'm choosing Dark soul. been playing this ever since released.
  • john887john887 Member Posts: 9

    i vote for Dragon Age Origins..

    this game great ,you will like it too.

  • James806James806 Member Posts: 9
    i'm choosing Dark Souls..
    only game i played..
  • AnneBelievableAnneBelievable Member Posts: 35
    I prefer Dragon Age Origins or Dark Souls , I didn't know that Kingdoms of Amular.

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  • travamarstravamars Member CommonPosts: 417

    Dragon age is mostly a cartoon movie and you'll spend more time watching than playing.

    Dark souls isn't for casual gamers because you have to repeat areas over and over and it gets old after a while.

    KoA is ok but very plain and dull, but probably the best of those choices for casual gamers.

    Dragons Dogma is one of the best imo. Look it up.

  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 1,979

    Come play Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen with me everyone !


    It has good character creation.  Plays like Skyrim but has anime story line.  Make pawns and share GT's and rent rent rent!  Buy the expansion Dark Arisen not the original game (comes w/ og).  Then share your Gamertags on our forums with your pretty or macho pawns to rent!


    If your scared to purchase and commit pick it up at a video rental store.  The original game data transfers over to the expansion if you decide to buy later.


    Game forums:  Xbox360, PS3, Both.  For Japanese speaking go to Capcom's site.




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