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STO account hacked, what to do??

Have you ever been hacked in STO or for that matter any MMO?  If you have been, you know that feeling of logging on and everything missing.  You don't want to believe it at first, you don't trust what you're seeing.  Eventually it sinks in, "Crap, I've been hacked!!"

This happened to me a little over a month ago in Star Trek Online.  I almost didn't want to share it with the community as this can be embarrassing to share.  I felt that if I didn't share my story I would be doing the STO community a disservice.  Take my experience as a learning tool to help protect your account.  Watch my video below to learn more about what happened and some helpful tips to protect your account and what to do if you are going through this yourself.


  • Electro057Electro057 Member UncommonPosts: 683
    Stop making your password to everything monkey1234 and this will not be a problem. Also don't download buckets of porn+keyloggers.

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  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member LegendaryPosts: 9,562
    Most account hacks are user problems not the game company. Biggest problem is using the same username and password to log into the game as you do on fan sites like here. As its really easy to hack fan sites. I also suggest you use a different email for games then you do on the web. Hacking again a fan site they get your email addy and then reset your password on the game and take it over. Hotmails Alias is IMO the best security you can do. Even if they get your email addy, its not the email addy you use to log into hotmail so the hacker does not get anything from knowing your addy. Also dont use the same 3 passwords everywhere. Dont use common passwords. If you like cats, dont use anything to do with cats in your password. Your password should have nothing to do with who you are. Take a random sting of words easy to remember like, dogseatpoop and change the O's to zeros and the P's to 7's and add a random . , : ! % & in the middle of it. 
  • jitter77jitter77 Member UncommonPosts: 401
    I had my WoW account hacked 2x and GW2 account once.  It was not really a big deal to me because when i logged in I had not played for a long time so I had no idea what I had or didnt have.  Both companies had actually frozen my account due to suspicious activity so I think it was detected before major damage.
  • Adjuvant1Adjuvant1 Member RarePosts: 2,100

    That sucks someone took your stuff. Can you please discuss how you were "hacked" exactly, though? Did someone hack your computer? Do you think hackers attacked the game? If it's a PSA as you claim, shouldn't there be legitimate, verifiable information on the process or technique used instead of only results? You're not really teaching people how to "not get hacked", if indeed you were "hacked".

    Keyloggers are skiddie stuff, not hacking, and preventable with anti-malware.  Millions of people were warned months ago of vulnerable password thefts from a number of companies. Did you re-use old login/passwords? That's not a "hack". Has someone possibly gleaned personal information about you through socialization or social media and made educated guesses to access your account? That's not a "hack".

    I'm not being hard on you to be a jerk. Even if it's only for your own personal knowledge, you need to learn how this happened so it doesn't happen again. Then you can make a real PSA.

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