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What MMO would you recommend if i want to play a mage?



  • booniedog96booniedog96 Member UncommonPosts: 289

    Tab Target MMOs

    - Rift - Played on and off since launch, my MMO when nothing seems to scratch the itch.  Logged over 100 in game days.  Cash shop is optional, sub is optional and both are not necessary to have fun.  Customizable specs

    - SW:TOR - Lore is great, highly recommend subbing to it if you end up liking it.  Or at least sub till you get to end game.  Sci-fi WoW.

    - ArchAge - If PvP is your thing and you want to battle it out in open water this one's great.  You'll want to sub if you like this one as well because you can only go so far with a free account, unless you want to go pirate.  You will most likely end up fighting your own faction more than the other two, just a heads up.  Beautiful world to get lost in and GLIDERS!!!


    Action Combat

    - Neverwinter - Currently playing this title and having fun with the Scourge Warlock. Combat has weight to it so there is no run-n-gun mechanic where you're hopping around as you cast a Spell of PWNage.  You commit to every action, so situational awareness can run high when dealing with large groups of mobs or a difficult boss.  Graphic fidelity is high, spells and explosions are fantastic.

    - Tera - Another weighty combat game that looks great and has a cash shop on par with Rift.  It's been out for a while but still a great game to jump in to kill BAMs.



    - FFXIV:ARR - Graphically speaking, it's beautiful. Lore, it's Final Fantasy - 'nuff said.  Spell effects are fantastic.

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