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[A] -Wipes on Trash- Frostmourne 7/7N, 7/7H LFM DPS

InsertFailInsertFail Member Posts: 55
-Wipes on Trash- on the Frostmourne server is a casualcore raid group. We take progression seriously, expect our raiders to know their classes, and require everyone to have researched the fights and know all boss mechanics - but we like to enjoy our time raiding together and we’re not above helping people out.

WoT was formed as a 10-man raiding guild in Mists of Pandaria when Throne of Thunder was still current, and together we progressed through ToT all the way to heroic SoO. Many of our members have individual raiding experiences that date back to Wrath, BC, and even vanilla WoW.

We’ve come together once again for WoD progression. In our first week raiding together this expansion we went 6/7N and 1/7H with our current group! However, we plan on going into Heroic and Mythic content, and to do that we need to recruit more members.

(Updated 19/1/2015) Currently we are looking for 1 Healer and 2 Ranged DPS.

Ranged DPS:
  • Slot for Mage/SPriest/Boomkin/Warlock
  • No Ele Shaman
  • No Hunter
  • Slot for Resto Druid/Holy Priest

Raid Times: 9:30pm-12:30am ST Sat/Sun/Mon. 

Raiding aside, we are also looking to expand our social player base! If you're looking for a guild to help you out in this new expansion, want some friendly company, or are looking for people to experience various content with, then let us know! Our applicants have a two week trial period where they get to feel out the guild and see if we're the place to call home.

If you’re interested, want more information, and/or have questions, feel free to leave a comment here, add InsertFail#1260 to your, or submit an application to our website. (

For raid applicants: once you contact us, we will bring you into Teamspeak so that you can chat with our raid leader and any online raiders, get answers to your questions, and hopefully find your new raiding home! (Please note that Teamspeak 3 is a requirement for all our raiders.)


  • InsertFailInsertFail Member Posts: 55

    We're currently in the middle of our second weekend raiding together and are working on downing Imperator Mar'gok! With getting him to 40% last night, we're looking forward to downing him tonight.

    We're still looking for the above roles to fill out our raid for when we progress into Mythic content!

  • InsertFailInsertFail Member Posts: 55
    We downed Imperator tonight!! Lovely DPS from our guild mates - it took an extra weekend of gearing up, but after a solid attempt tonight we got him down the second time.

    We're going to be progressing through Heroics tonight - Kargath is already on farm and we'll be attempting Butcher and Tectus for the rest of tonight. We're still looking for some DPS to continue on with us through to Mythics! We want to get that 20-man group together so we can learn to work with one another and have a great time progressing through WoD.
  • InsertFailInsertFail Member Posts: 55
    While we didn't down Butcher last night, we did get two new progression kills on both Heroic Tectus and Heroic Twin Ogron which puts us our clear at 7/7N and 3/7H!

    Anyone considering joining us, please get a hold of me on or respond in this thread.
  • InsertFailInsertFail Member Posts: 55

    Welcome to Jeebs and Asbestøs! Asbestøs was especially kind enough to let us run him through Heroics halfway through our raid, trial-by-fire style, and he performed wonderfully! Looking forward to having them both next raid!

    To end our weekend, we downed both Heroic Butcher and Heroic Brackenspore! That puts us at a total of 5 progression kills this week, one of them being normal Imperator and four Heroic bosses.

    We've gotten a really solid team of 14 people, with two new recruits joining us - but we're going to need four more ranged slots to down Heroic Kor'agh and complete our 20-man Mythic team! If you've got a ranged class and are looking to raid, leave a comment here or add me on!

  • InsertFailInsertFail Member Posts: 55

    This weekend we downed Heroic Imperator! Woo! Yeah party times.

    Some of our trials did not pan out, so we're currently recruiting 1 HEALER and 2 RANGED DPS. We're going into Mythics this weekend and want to progress as much as possible before Blackrock Foundry comes out! (Only three weeks away, so exciting.)

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