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What games are you guys playing?



  • KefoKefo Member EpicPosts: 4,229
    Been playing DA:I a lot, with some Shadows of Mordor tossed in. Would be playing FFXIV but I got a new smartphone and forgot to unlink the security token so now cant log in and cant remember my emergency removal password :P
  • OhhPaigeyOhhPaigey Member RarePosts: 1,513
    A lot of Dragon Age Inquisition, I wanna get it now. XD I should finish the older one's first though I guess.
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  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 3,000
    Vendetta Online by Guild Software. I switch between mobile and laptop/Mac all-in-one as I go. Recently, I've been listening to Chopin's nocturnes, and a lecture series on behavioral biology as I play. I am mainly focused on finishing a new mission series for the game, through the PCC.

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  • Azaron_NightbladeAzaron_Nightblade Member EpicPosts: 4,791

    Dragon Age: Inquisition (sort of, I'm going very slowly).

    7 Days to Die (loving the latest update!).


    Neverwinter Online.

    I was replaying Dragon Age: Origins as well, but it fell to the wayside due to lack of time and DA:I's release (shortly followed by SWTOR's SoR expansion).

    My SWTOR referral link for those wanting to give the game a try. (Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few account upgrades to help with their preferred status.)

  • slowpoke68slowpoke68 Member UncommonPosts: 541
    Taking a break from MMO's and haven't had much time to play lately...darn rl getting in the way.  Once my schedule clears a bit I am looking at a few games on GoG.  Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland 2, Dead State, Banished.  Just need to decide which I want to play.  Also, bought a new SSD and got a free copy of Farcry 4 which I downloaded and will try out.
  • Cramit845Cramit845 Member UncommonPosts: 395


    Heroes and Generals



       Otherwise I'm mainly waiting on Albion Online but for current games that about it other than heading into EQ on p99 on occasion.

  • quon2k9quon2k9 Member UncommonPosts: 23

    Goofing off a bit in The Repopulation, no other MMO's at the moment, although I've been considering checking back in on EVE (no one ever really leaves EVE, you just take breaks; it's the MMO version of the Hotel California). Also thinking about going back to Path of Exile.

    Also playing Grim Dawn, Endless Legend & Divinity: Original Sin.

  • FehdFehd Member UncommonPosts: 64


    Silent Hunter Online

    Therian Saga 



    Looking forward for Naval Action : Age of Sail and maybe Elite Dangerous if goes f2p .

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