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Returning After a FewYears Away

BluddwolfBluddwolf Member UncommonPosts: 355

I was an alpha tester (more than 2 years worth); a Beta tester and played after launch for nearly another 2 years or more.  I thought to return just the other day....  A few disappointments, but I'm hopeful.


First, I could not access my legacy account (with all of my characters, ships and most importantly my User Made Flags and Sails).  However the Dev / Customer service person I received an email response from was very supportive and gave me 300 Store Credits.  Thumbs Up on the mark.

It does not appear that we can create "Societies" or Guilds in this iteration of the game.  Hopefully, this will be something they can reintroduce.  User Generated Content (Flags and Sails) would also be a nice touch to reintroduce.  

That all being said, I'm looking forward to getting back into the game and becoming a terror on the high seas, once again.





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  • FehdFehd Member UncommonPosts: 64
    Me too wanted to know what changes the game got with recent release . I used to play from day 1 but stopped around 2011. Is it the same old game or did it got any better ?
  • KieferCKieferC Member UncommonPosts: 22

    Players are still able to create guilds/societies.

    User content is not available at this moment, but all signs point to it being the priority for the DEV team this year.

    DEVs just pushed through a massive economic revamp.  It, I believe, is a step in the right direction.  Unfortunately, the population is struggling to support the material supply.  They did provide npc provided materials to augment supply, but the prices are high (so as to not replace player produced and cheaper production).

    A new player has a much better chance of seeing his/her new listings sell now that the econ doesn't force everyone into the same over-saturated market of oak logs. 

    Some of the same pvp and rvr issues still plague the game, though.  

    Hope this helps clear up a few questions.

  • itchmonitchmon Member UncommonPosts: 1,965
    I might do the same. (I'm sick with a nasty c-diff infection and b.o.r.e.d) it is still in my top 5 ever mmos.

    Reasonable ed is me on the non eu ... say hi, shoot me with cannons, etc

    RIP Ribbitribbitt you are missed, kid.

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