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New Player With A Few Questions

MethiosMethios Member Posts: 157

I have been playing MMO's for awhile now which mostly being EQ 1, FFXI and WoW.  I have played most the "WoW Killers"  like Warhammer online, Conan and a few others but could never really get into them as the previous three I mentioned.  I had success in WoW being in high ranked U.S PVE guilds and good PVP success being Grand Marshal then obtaining Gladiator during BC.  I mainly played with 5 irl friends but as WotLK came out it just didn't feel the same anymore and I felt the community overall never really compared to FFXI.  No matter the success I had in WoW overall my experience wasn't as exciting as it was in FFXI and the reason for that was the community honestly.  After deciding to give FFXIV a shot instead of going back to WoW even though I wish they would of took a few things from FFXI I have a few questions about things if anyone could help me out that would be awesome.  



1) How is the community compare to FFXI and if you never played it what about other MMO's?

2) I seen a few post about people saying FFXIV is very casual is this true?

3) I seen the newer servers they released during the PS4 release aren't doing so well, so should I avoid the "newer" servers then?

4) I have both a PS4 and PC but I seen the controls are very console friendly but I was wondering since it is a MMO is it still  best played on my PC instead of putting my PS4 to work?

5) Any tips for starting out with be great!!!!


Thanks for reading this and any input would be welcome!!!




  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang Member Posts: 354

    1) having played FFXI, I will say that the community is very similar although there are more douche bags than FFXI but still far off better then WoW and definitely LoL.


    2) depends how you want to play it, for me it is very casual game but if I want to go hardcore the game has the hardcore element, they usually supply you with long time easier path, or through hard core raid to reach the top gear etc. Also, there are always a hardcore patch followed by casual patch, 2.5 will be the casual patch which is due next month I think.


    3) did not play in the new servers, but from what i read and heard all servers have healthy population, so your choice should be the server that fits your time zone and if there are FCs ( Guilds) you might be interested in. I suggest visiting recruitment pages here and in reddit and apply to one, it will make your game different playing solo / with an FC. I would suggest FCs that has many WoW players.


    4) there are players who play on controller full time , so I would assume FFXIV did a very good job in implementing it. but you should try both and see what fits your style. you can play the game on PC or PS4 in either controller or keyboard/mouse in each.


    5) there are a LOT of tips, would be hard to give you some, i suggest searching reddit/r/FFXIV , they have help section that has tips and what not.


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