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WoW - is it worth coming back

kasyoskasyos Member UncommonPosts: 23



Question as above, although I need to tell you a bit about my adventure with WoW to understand why am I asking it.


I have started playing WoW sometime before TBC came out. Then I been playing heavily during WoTLK and some during CATA, never played MOP (Panda....really???).


I wouls describe myself as a player with limited time (family,work etc.) so one of my main reasons to leave WoW was when they have introduced loooooong instances etc. where I didn't always have time for such a runs or exact time free when guild was going for one.  Don't even mention the raids.


Because of that I had less joy and obviously couldn't catch up gearwise with others, that was depressing.

I have played PVE and PVP (mainly BG) and my main was Balance Druid (left at lvl85). I like crafting, getting mounts - not intrested in pets or such.


I've heard a lot of good opinions about WoD expansion but wanted to ask somebody who has it alraedy, if person like me would stand a chance to get some decent loot with limited time and get the fun lvl back as before.

I'm looking for some real answers and guidance, no trolling from 11 years old please.




  • MikePaladinMikePaladin Member UncommonPosts: 592

    Bought it few days ago played for 1 hour can't push my self playing wow any more .I think was a waste of money . I'm sick and tired of it I guess. Same was with Pandaria ....... I keep buying these expansions but I don't play them

    They are giving 10 free days and see on your own

  • Imo no it's not. It's all the same old same old. Power level to 100. Grind end game heroics. Do your dailies. Raid. PVP is still the same and it's not like how it was during vanilla where you could two shot people because you had awesome gear. They even scale your item level up in battlegrounds now. What a joke. 
  • ErdaErda Member UncommonPosts: 211

    I have a differing opinion.  I came back after a 3 year break and decided to start afresh on a new server with a level 1 character.   I'm having a grand old time seeing new quests,  changed lands, etc.   The world is full of new and returning players and it is a like a fresh new game.   I played WoW right at launch, took a break, came back before Cataclysm, left again, and now back for the third time.   I've always have enjoyed WoW and have played it on and off for several years.

    The game is easier than what I remember...that is for sure.   My highest is only 60 so I can't comment past that.  They seemed to want to speed things up in the old world.   I an two expansions behind so I have lots to catch up on.   I'm not a competitive player though...more a stop and smell the roses although I do enjoy PvP, instances and raids.   I know that I can never have the achievements, gear or money that some folks have after playing the game for ages.  My gaming buddy has played since launch and I can't imagine the wealth she has accumulated.

    I would dive in, see what you have missed.  If it turns out to just be a 2 or 3 month return, you got your money's worth.  Personally I'm going to play the heck out of WoW and then return to ESO to see what goodness they've been up to.  I've been hearing great things about ESO lately and I plan on returning!

    Have fun!

    Edit:  One comment on the instances and this is just the old world instances since I don't have any character past 60....they are significantly shortened.  Places like Dire Maul for instance are broken into parts.  A PUG can get through them quite quickly.   I haven't timed it but perhaps 15-20 minutes?  Gone are the old days where you crawled through these places carefully crowd controlling and carefully pulling.   Some of our vanilla WoW runs would take hours.   I've heard that they've ramped up the difficulty of the WoD instances but again haven't been there and can't comment.     Also, if you queue, getting in is quite short.  My hubby plays a DPS on his alt and the queues pop within minutes.   Again, my comments are on the old world encounters....pre 60.



  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,968

    What I do everyone once in a while is play the following games just in the starting areas to re-experience the game.  I have multiple characters in these games already but for some reason prefer the starter content.  I think I play mostly GW2 and Marvel Heroes because just about all the areas scale to character level.



    Lineage 2



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  • kasyoskasyos Member UncommonPosts: 23

    Thank you for the answers so far. 


    What about this new gear , transmofgh ? I've heard that PVP gear is easier to get now,is it true ?

  • Shayyd80Shayyd80 Member Posts: 110
    Personally I enjoyed about a month of the new leveling zones. After that it was all the same ole same ole. I have 2 accounts, one died last night, the other i reactivated today to play through a horde perspective. It's all the same old stuff but garrisons are cool...."for a time". Other than that... I don't think it's worth coming back to. I won't resub again. I may wait for the new FFXIV xpac or give ESO another shot. 
  • GestankfaustGestankfaust Member UncommonPosts: 1,989

    No...it just is not. So many reasons posted on this site alone....if you search


    My favorite is "the new xpac gets old fast". Then there's nothing.....

    "This may hurt a little, but it's something you'll get used to. Relax....."

  • snoockysnoocky Member UncommonPosts: 715
    Tried one month ....and cancelled.
    Much better single player games then mmo' s these days imo..

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  • SaluteSalute Member UncommonPosts: 795

    Had fun the first 15 days, while lvling, exploring new areas and learning garrisons. After that...boredom. I m on my 2nd month now because of my friends, but this is the last one for all of us. We are heading to another mmo + DAI + D3 (once again). Anyway WoW is not more of a mmo than RPG games.

    So in short keep your money.

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  • DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,281

    Best MMO on the market atm. Nothing cant beat the smooth, fast faced combat, raiding, dungeons and pvp. I played them all ( Always come back to WoW and now Im having a blast! Did some recruits, playing with a m8 end content and lvling with my sister (new).

    I tried swtor few weeks ago with the new expansion, was in now time lvl 60 did some operations, but its soo hard to find group and soo quite on general chats on the fleet. WoW is really croud, I see ppl everywhere I like that!

  • OhhPaigeyOhhPaigey Member RarePosts: 1,517

    I have 2 months game time and haven't logged in for 2 weeks.

    Though the reasons I quit isn't because the expansion is bad. I think it's great for casual players and people who are just starting the game.

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  • HothloveHothlove Member UncommonPosts: 126

    Every game gets boring if you keep playing it somebody once said. If you have had a break it might be worth trying but for someone who is above age 30 it might be better if you steer away from a game like wow(most players are teenagers). The game is overall easy which is good but it need a little more challenge. Therefor if you do come back go play healer or tank and you will have yourself a nice challenge.

    Other games you might wanna consider is Lotro, GW2 or maybe Planetside 2.

  • kasyoskasyos Member UncommonPosts: 23

    Planetside 2 ,hmm, I enjoy jumping into COD:AW for a bit  and leave,quick and easy.

    Lotro - played it a bit but didn't like it to a lvl that would keep me there.


    GW2 - I may consider coming back to it.


    At the moment, I'm thinking about coming back to ESO.

  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,199



    It is very easy.


    If you liked WoW before you will still like it. It is the same core game. They have added on some things that you can do such as housing and pet battles but you do not need to do it.


    Also you do not need to grind to "catch up" as you will have a free boost to level 90 and appropriate gear for your journey towards 100.


    But the same exact problems still exists now that did back then. Dungeons still take time (especially now before people over-gear them and PvP gear is still semi.hard to get if you are a "laid back" gamer. Raids have become abit easier with the fleshed out LfR system.


    So if you liked it before, snag the expansion and give it a month. If not.. not any real point in coming back.

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