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General: Crusaders Quest - Now Available for iOS and Android

BMunchausenBMunchausen Staff WriterMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 400

This week, TOAST, a subdivision of Korean game company NHN Entertainment released free-to-play action RPG/matching game Crusaders Quest for iOS and Android.

“The wait for Crusaders Quest is over for iOS and Android gamers, as well as for the tens of thousands of fans who pre-registered for the release and will receive special in-game items,” said Jimin Kim, product manager for the TOAST brand. “With Crusaders Quest now available on both iOS and Android, gamers can pick up and match their way through the best elements of classic action, RPG and matching games.”

To download Crusaders Quest, visit the iTunes store or the Google Play store.


  • newbloodlustnewbloodlust Member Posts: 7

    After reading your news announcement, I immediately watch your game trailers and the only words that came out from my mouth is simply.... "OMG! an 8-BIT???" Personally, I am not really interested to any games that are still in 8-bit graphics. It's too old school for me. But After downloading and giving a try to play this game, the last thing that I know is that I'm already into it, or should I say... "I'm starting to play it more and more."

  • AnneBelievableAnneBelievable Member Posts: 35
    Quite Fun!! I already watched some game trailers and game play about this game. I love the characters, they're all girls and they look so cute. But I felt sad about the graphics, It's too pixelated. I suggest to enhance the graphics to make it perfect. LOL! But even though it has a low graphics, I'll give it a try.

    Don't Play with me coz I know I can play better than you!

  • James0026James0026 Member Posts: 10
    This game has a good game play. What I hate most in this game is the graphics. I feel like I'm playing Mario brothers in Play station way back '97 ( i was seven years that time when console games are on high mode). The game is in pixel. I hope that they will improve the graphics one day. in this regard, I will give this game 5/10
  • faye01faye01 Member Posts: 64
    I see the reviews are good. The way the article describes the game seems like this is too much addictive. But in my own experience, I've tried to play this game but it keeps on crushing. Already tried to install and re install the app, but still it  keeps on crushing! 
  • dynr25dynr25 Member Posts: 1
    Good gameplay especially the pvp feature! I can share this to my friends because we love pvp battles! Anyways, I think they should enhance the graphics a little bit, its pixelated. But overall, still a good game! I will give this game 7-10(because of pvp feature)
  • XiaokiXiaoki Member EpicPosts: 3,904

    Great mobile game. Love the graphics.

    Does get a bit grindy near the end of the 2nd area though but still having fun after 2 weeks of play.

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