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Free 30 Days Email

HarikenHariken Member RarePosts: 2,450
This was a surprise today. I never even thought about playing this game. What the heck its a free 30 day trial. I know nothing about this game though. I like the modern world for a change though. The only game i've ever played by Funcom was Anarchy Online.


  • dancingstardancingstar Member UncommonPosts: 362
    It's a promotion Funcom are doing at the moment, there was an article about it a day or two ago. Seems keys are being sent out to people selected randomly from their mailing lists. It's basically an extended free trial with some cash shop credits thrown in.
  • chakalakachakalaka Member UncommonPosts: 291
    What a game this is. I was just popping in to share some advice that makes the game even more fun. As you play really try to come up with some fun and creative builds, that's pretty much where I spent my time and it was a halluva time! TSW rewards most builds as long as there is at least a tidbit of synergy. Good luck!
  • HarikenHariken Member RarePosts: 2,450
    Played for an hour and uninstalled. Just couldn't get into it. Glad you guys are having fun with it.
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