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MMORPG you missed Update 15 for LotRO.



  • Tasslehoff35Tasslehoff35 Member UncommonPosts: 962
    Originally posted by Tibernicuspa
    Originally posted by Tasslehoff35
    Originally posted by Tibernicuspa
    Originally posted by Yamota
    Haven't heard much about this game. Didn't Turbine have financial problems?

    It's been limping along with sub average numbers since launch, after they shifted gears from sandbox and turned it into a WoW clone. When they were dangerously low, they shifted to FTP and got a boost for a little bit. But now they're basically spinning their wheels, churning things out with the skeleton crew they have left.


    I have no idea what Turbine is doing. Their offices have downsized, they aren't hiring anyone new, and all the games they have are just about dead... are they working on a new MMO, or getting out of the market?

    Based on your one star I'm assuming it's safe to say you have zero facts to back up your comment.  


    The truth is during launch and through mines of Moria lotro was extremely popular and had a very healthy population. 


    Limping along since launch lol too funny.  


    MEO would never have worked sandboxes don't work swg, AA come on is been how long and you can't get over a video game switching to a successful model instead of the failed model you like.  So now 8 years later you post lies on a website lol 

    Yes, themeparks don't work. That's why Eve has about 600k subs, after being active for... how long? AND WOW HAS 10X THAT FOR BEING ACTIVE FOR...HOW LONG?   And LotRO never saw that number, ever? I am assuming you have proof of that?  A link somwhere I mean youve been to there office THREE times im sure they gave you info right?  Despite being the biggest, most well known fantasy IP in the entire world?

    That's why SWG didn't fail until it switched to the themepark model? SWG switched to a themepark model LOL too funny!


    But yeah, base it off the stars of my username, because that makes sense. I live in Providence, and I've been to Turbine's offices 3 times in my life, twice because they invited locals there to test their products and have lunch with the devs. So I'm one of the very few people who got to play Middle Earth Online.  For our readers please remember this line....

    When MEO became LotRO, a large portion of the fanbase outright quick alpha right there. Why would "a large portion of the fanbase outright quit" when "you were one of the few people who got to play MEO?  Something isnt working here...but please keep going.  When it launched, even more quit after giving it a try. So LotRO limped along in the "doing okay" pile, but after they'd almost lost the lion's share of their fanbase. Again I am sure you have links to show ALL these people bailed on LOTRO after launch right?  Or are we supposed to take the word from an angry MEO bitter vet...one of the only ones in the World might I add.  

    And no, it's very clear Turbine isn't doing too well. Between all the downsizing on LotRO, Wizards giving all their D&D related content to Neverwinter NIghts, and Asheron's Call winding down...I didnt say Turbine is doing well now did.  Please go back and read what I said and what I was replying to.  I am not denying turbine or LOTRO current state, I am however saying anything you say about Launch or up to Mirkwood is 100% garbage.  


    8 Years dude...and I thought the SWG vets were bad, its been over 8 years since I have heard anyone mention the pipe dream MEO...I take it you were never able to get over it, so you come to sites like this to push your bias lies with zero facts or links to back it up...just a few "I visted Turbine three times"  like that means anything lol...

  • Mtibbs1989Mtibbs1989 Member UncommonPosts: 3,161
    Originally posted by Yamota
    Haven't heard much about this game. Didn't Turbine have financial problems?

    Yeah, they're having "financial" problems more specifically; Their systems have on several occasions drained customer bank accounts entirely, lol.


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  • Viper482Viper482 Member EpicPosts: 3,185
    The character models, animations, and UI alone turn so many people off from this game. Mythic revamped Daoc's character models and UI years ago; even WoW has new character models and it has always been concerned the holy grail of MMO's. Turbine is obviously content.
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