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I've given up

I'm going to just return to the games I know are good instead of looking for new games ahead. Starting on DAOC now. Anyone else feel this way?


  • xeniarxeniar Member UncommonPosts: 805

    Yes and no.

    the mechanics in those old games are great. but whats left off community's is usally very little.

    And i cherish my eyes, playing those old games make me want to gouge them out with a knife. :(

  • VyntVynt Member UncommonPosts: 756

    I keep going back to the older games too. I've given up on daoc though. I don't mind the graphics, I can tolerate the ToA stuff (easy to do now, just not a fan of the way it changes the combat). I just can't stand New Frontiers. I find it awful, worse than ToA and ToA made me quit originally lol.

    I've been mostly playing EQ1, although not for a couple months since I went on vacation. I've tried some of the newer ones, been in a few betas, but just mostly disappointments. The more news I hear of some games I was looking forward to, the less I want to play them.


  • SpeelySpeely Member CommonPosts: 861

    Love DAoC, but after SI I was not a fan of any of the expansions. ToA and NF hurt. A lot. I still enjoy playing the game in... other ways. Nonetheless, I still look forward to some really promising upcoming games. 

    Maybe one day EA will just sell the rights to DAoC and someone will revamp the engine and re-release it with OF and everything past SI dropped, with the possible exception of some RAs....

    ... or not :(

  • greenstonedgreenstoned Member UncommonPosts: 21

    ive been feeling this way too, i went all around trying to find a game i like but i get bored with everything, mostly due to  the lack of small scale pvp that seems fun to me... when i look towards the future, im thinking im done overhyping myself for games that dont deliver, or games that could be interesting but that are 2years + from estimated release date, and im looking for somethin to play more like right about now

    probem i had recently tho is the stuff i'd revisit that hasnt been shut down looks like a ghosttown. you need a gaming comunity to make the gears of a mmo ro 'round... man what id give for an anarchy online server with a decent population rite bout now

  • VonatarVonatar Member UncommonPosts: 723

    The old games are too old, and the community that made them great isn't there anymore.  In fact it doesn't seem to be anywhere anymore.

  • AsboAsbo Member UncommonPosts: 812
    Hell man if I go back to any more old games I'll have to change my name to boomerang!!!


  • KobaoKobao Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Gonna point out the communities, too. Perhaps as returning player you find your place in them, but still, there's isn't just that sort interesting dynamics and excitement among the playerbase anymore. That's what makes MMORPG's worth playing in the first place.

    I recommend good board games, local co-op games with a buddy or much lighter online games with RPG mechanics, for that social gaming experience.

  • Yeah, the first thing I noticed when I started anew in daoc was the lack of other players around me. It's still new for me, I've heard a lot of good things about the game but never tried it. I like it, though using some combat skills feels clunky and yeah it's aged but if a similar modern mmo released today it would do really well I think. The other posters in here can keep our heads up though this spring. I've heard rumors of a new TLP server for EQ starting up.
  • dragonslayer4everdragonslayer4ever Member Posts: 22
    It depends on what type of new games I am looking for actually. If I know that the game is not what I like, eventually I will return to the old games. 
  • gideonvaldesgideonvaldes Member Posts: 148

    Well last year I still see some players whom plays some 2d diablo 1 like, hmmm lemme remember it..Oh gosh I really forgot...well in short description it's a diablo 1 like gameplay and graphics wherein I couldn't say that it's pixelated or something. But still some are playing those games instead wherein we already had 1080p latest games as of today.

    Well one of the old or lets just say old game that I'am playing today is RBF, I know there had been too many private servers of this but still I wanted the original and the stable one, we know that "P" servers could be wiped within months and not the best way to invest on. That's why I still played on the original game client.

  • PsycheiPsychei Member Posts: 148

    I am sure someone has likely said something similar, so sorry to repeat it. I do feel the way you do OP but unfortunately as much as I love the classic games that got me hooked on mmos  (EQ 1/2, UO, AC 1/2, DAOC), I cannot make myself return as the community has moved on and most are a shell of what they used to be.

    If I were return to any of my beloved old mmos I would wan to start a new character and experience the game as I originally did, and without a healthy community of low level characters to do this with the worlds I used to love to explore would just seem empty and lonely. 

    A big part of old mmos for me was interacting with great communities be it gathering a group to explore vast worlds, discover quests and hidden dungeons, kill secret bosses roaming the lands, to defend keeps , or to search out enemy players to gank and loot. To be honest I just don't feel like community i still there for us old timers.

    I could be wrong, and by all means if I am please correct me. 

  • TotoyDonutTotoyDonut Member Posts: 29

    Bro, I played a lot of games before. But this one, i liked its game play however, it is old. Not too old, by its graphics, when we compare it to other new games today, we can see the difference. But, I made a lot of friends here in this game. And that's Rohan: Blood Feud. It's a global server so, there will be more players. There are issues that this game has P**v**e Servers and they said that it is more fun to play. But P server will not exist for a long time. I already played P servers like Skyblade private servers and ETC. I spend cash then after a few months, it closed. So, it's not good to spend cash in some P server especially when you know that the game will be lost soon.  

  • Zarf42Zarf42 Member Posts: 250
    Originally posted by jonesing22
    I'm going to just return to the games I know are good instead of looking for new games ahead. Starting on DAOC now. Anyone else feel this way?

    Totally. I've been playing single players games for a while. I just can't get into any mmo lately.

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